A prayer for Friday (March 8, 2019)

O Lord Most High,

Create in me a new heart, for the one I have is so human and untrustworthy. Fill me with your Spirit, that I may learn to say no to my flesh. Restore to me the joy of salvation and take away the love of sinning. Let me set my eyes on you, for you are my refuge and my hope, my salvation and my true desire.

Lead me to the city you are preparing, my true patria, my homeland, the country where I belong. Teach me to live as an ambassador along the way, a foreigner with a purpose, an alien on a mission. Here in Kedar and Mesech, I long for the new Jerusalem. Lead me home, Father.

2 thoughts on “A prayer for Friday (March 8, 2019)

  1. Jerry Starling

    Tim, our aversion to ‘canned prayer’ is so deep that we tend to avoid using any prayer that is written. Thank you for sharing this prayer! I prayed it just now, and feel blessed by it.

    Jerry Starling

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