A prayer for Friday (October 18, 2019)

Lord Almighty,

You are the Creator of all. Nothing exists that was not touched by Your hand.

You brought order to chaos, replacing darkness with light and stillness with life. Your breath fills creation, Your glory extends far and wide.

You called a people to be Yours and Yours alone. You sought a holy nation, one that would be shaped in the image of Your Son. You sent Him to die to purchase that people, redeeming us from the power of sin and bringing us into Your kingdom of light.

We are Your creation, Father. We are Your people. We are the subjects of Your kingdom.

Listen to our cry. We long for justice. We long for peace. We long for righteousness. Establish these in our world. Establish these in our land. Establish these in our hearts.

Glorify Yourself in this place and in me. Make me an instrument of Your righteousness, a reflection of Your Son, a light that gives honor to You.


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