Are the choices only two?

When listening to political discussions among Christians, I realize that we’ve accepted as true the idea that there are only two choices. You are red or you are blue. Democrat or Republican. Conservative or liberal.

The two political parties are after power. They want to win elections. Many individual politicians have strong personal convictions, but they face enormous pressure to conform to “the party” and vote according to what will get the most votes in the next election. The party wants to gain or maintain power, so they want everyone (candidates, party members, voters) to always stick to partisan lines.

We believers must not allow ourselves to be sucked into this game. We need to look at each situation, each issue, each political question and ask, “What is right? What is best for the Kingdom of God?”

When I do this, I can question a political stance held by Democrats without throwing my unquestioning support to the Republicans. I can challenge Republican politicians without backing their political rivals. I can even vote for some candidates from one party and other candidates from another party. (I might even vote for a third party or [gasp] choose not to vote for anyone!)

The world wants you to opt to follow the elephant or the donkey. I say always follow the Lamb.

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