B&B Monday: Every Man’s Bible

[I decided to use Labor Day Monday instead of Friday for our book and blog feature] I received Every Man’s Bible from Tyndale for review. I thought, “Reviewing a Bible should be fairly simple.” I was wrong. But I’ll take a stab at it.

This Bible is part of the Every Man’s series which began with the book Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker, and Mike Yorkey. That book dealt with sexual tempation. This Bible tackles a broader range of subjects like homosexuality , drinking, marriage, women, etc.

In addition, the Bible provides a simple introduction to each book, with standard information like author and date, as well as suggestions of key verses to be learned from the book, approximate time of reading, and so forth. Those looking for in-depth scholarly discussion will be disappointed, but the information is useful for beginning students. Also included are a Bible reading plan and a topical index.

Those looking for a first Bible should look elsewhere. The articles and study aids, while helpful, intrude extensively on the text. I wish more of the articles had been printed on a half page, allowing the biblical text to flow from page to page. Because of that, Every Man’s Bible should only be used as an additional study Bible, not as the primary version read. The translation used is the New Living Translation. (As came out in a previous discussion on this blog, this is not the original NLT, but a later revision)

The choice of using shades of brown throughout the book was not a wise one. The print size will also limit this Bible’s usability by older readers.

I’d highly recommend this Bible for younger Christians, especially young men. Follow the reading plan, read the articles, and, above all, study the text.

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