Book distribution in Cuba, Part 3

I want to continue to tell you about my last Herald of Truth trip to Cuba, where I traveled with Tony Fernández across the interior of the island, encouraging churches and distributing copies of the Lea La Biblia book I published earlier this year.

I last told you about being with the church in Sancti Spiritus. From there we traveled to Guayacanes (Ciego de Ávila province), where we met with a small church in a rural setting. Kadir Munguía has worked with this little congregation for a number of years. Again, it’s not easy to get much of a group out on a weekday morning, but we had a pretty good gathering nonetheless.

We then traveled on into the city of Ciego de Ávila, where Kadir and his brother Guillermo work with the main congregation in that town. Like in most places, Christians from several places came in for the event. There were several baptisms afterwards.

The next morning we traveled to Camagüey, where Laudino Cruz preaches. The place was already full with members from several congregations, when Laudino commented that there were two more buses coming! We didn’t realize they also had an upstairs area where they put people. Afterwards, there were a couple of baptisms.

That evening we were with the church in Las Tunas. This congregation has had a hard time, with the leading preacher leaving the faith a few years ago, later being killed in a traffic accident. This man’s family has continued to work with the church, building the congregation back up after the tragedy. It was good to be with them.

There’s more to tell, it was quite a trip. But that’s enough for today.
SPECIAL REQUEST: I’m not in the habit of asking for money on this blog, but I’m going to break that policy. We’d like to print and distribute more books in Cuba. The churches were very encouraged by what we did, and other congregations are clamoring for us to visit them and hold similar events. If you could give to Herald of Truth and mark your gift “Cuba Literature Distribution,” it would mean a lot to me and the Christians in Cuba. Thanks!

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