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A Prayer for Friday (November 29, 2019)

Teach me to say enough, Lord. Your grace is enough.

Having food and clothing, let me say enough.

Blessed be Your name, now and forevermore.

A Prayer For Friday (November 22, 2019)

O Lord Who triumphed over chaos in the creation, Who calmed the storm while here on earth, Who renews all things, Who restores all things, Who holds all things together…

Grant us peace, O Lord.
Grant us Your calm, Your serenity.

Give us Your rest.

A Prayer For Friday (November 8, 2019)

How long, o Lord, how long? How long must death walk among us, using sin’s power to create chaos in Your world? How long will evil men prosper? How long will the unrighteous hold power over the godly? How long will the rich and powerful boast against You? How long must the downtrodden cry out for liberation?

Come, Lord Jesus. We await the revelation of Your children, the manifestation of Your Kingdom, the final triumph over the powers that be. We long for Your salvation. We long for Your Kingdom. We long for You.

Come quickly Lord.


A Prayer For Friday (November 1, 2019)

Holy Father,

Not to us, o Father, but to You be the glory. May others see my life and glorify You. Shape my life into a life that brings glory to You.

May I be forever Yours.


A Prayer For Friday (October 25, 2019)

Father of mercies,

Teach me to love. May Your love for the world show me the way. May Your compassion be my guide. May Your forgiveness bind me. May Your kindness mold me.

Take from me the hate, the jealousy, the resentment, the conceit, the anger, and all of the other things that lead me away from You.

May love be my goal. May love be my practice. May love be my guide.