Christian speech on public issues: Justice

Christians speak up for justice for all people. Beyond that, we speak up for those without power; in the Bible, this was the widows, orphans, poor and foreigners. It may be the same groups in our society, or it may be different. But we speak up on behalf of those who need it most.

The Law reminds us not to distort justice in favor of the poor. We seek justice, not merely benefits for the powerless. But we do all of that without regard to how it affects our finances or our safety. We do what is right, not what protects our interest.

That’s part of the reason I believe that now is the time for Christians to speak out in favor of immigrants. Not injustice in favor of immigrants, but a correction of the current unjust system must occur. This is a time for advocacy on behalf of aliens. We can’t let it become a political issue (as it already has). Christians must speak up on behalf of the powerless. Don’t let a political platform tell you what to do. Don’t let your wallet tell you what to do. Don’t let talk radio tell you what to do. Speak up for justice.

That’s just one example. When laws are passed that harm the homeless or the needy, we must speak up. We waited too late on slavery. We waited too late on civil rights. Let’s not wait any more.

3 thoughts on “Christian speech on public issues: Justice

  1. laymond

    You are absolutly right, the Church was not meant to sit on the conservative bench, the Church was meant to work, to change things.The Church should be Christ’s worker, not his cheerleader, Christ is the Church’s head cheerleader. “come on Church storm that hill”

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