Cuba… it’s complicated

The other day Matthew Stidham shared something on Facebook about the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Basically, this cognitive effect refers to people with little knowledge overestimating their competence in a certain area. The graphic accompanying the post showed a progression from no knowledge toward much knowledge, each stage accompanied by a quote. The quotes were:

“I know everything.”
“There’s more to this than I thought.”
“I’m never going to understand this.”
“It’s starting to make sense.”
“Trust me. It’s complicated.”

That really fits my experience with Cuba. I often say that the person who has visited Cuba once is an expert on the topic… and it goes down from there. The best statement is the last one: Trust me. It’s complicated.

Cuba is complicated. Cuba will be complicated. End the U.S. blockade, and it would still be complicated. Replace the current government with a totally different system, and it would still be complicated. Open up all travel to Cuba, and it would still be complicated. Get in a time machine, go back 65 years, and it would still be complicated.

The economy? Complicated. Human rights? Complicated. Religious freedom? Complicated. The best way forward politically? Complicated.

I love the Cuban people. I consider my support for the church in Cuba to be a major part of my ministry. God is at work in Cuba. The church is growing. People are searching spiritually in a way I don’t see in many countries. So even if it’s complicated, I’m going to keep doing what I can for the Cuban people.

Is that simple enough?

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