Disruptions and fellowship

We had some excitement yesterday morning when we gathered for Bible study. We’ve been having some work done on the building, and several people noticed a strong smell of gas. We evacuated everyone to our Ministry Activity Center. We had a pot luck planned, so there were already enough tables and chairs set up.

While recognizing that it was difficult for some of our older members to make the trek from one building to another, and it was probably anxiety-producing for parents as they worked to locate their children, the resulting time of fellowship was wonderful. Hands down the best Bible class time we’ve had in a while, in my opinion.

Yes, we need Bible study. But we also need time to sit and talk with fellow Christians. Our well-planned services don’t always provide that.

I also think a little disruption is good in the life of a church. Especially when it turns out to be a harmless gas leak that was quickly controlled.

How was your Sunday?

1 thought on “Disruptions and fellowship

  1. Rafael

    Thank goodness it was nothing serious. Gas leaks are a serious matter with several explosions here in Dallas that have taken the lives a several people. I did want to share with you that here in east Dallas where I lead a ministry, I stress that our Sunday gatherings are evangelical and not opportunity to socialize. I define the fellowship we have outside our special worship functions when we meet, is reserved to welcome visitors, find out who they are, visit with them to collect information about where they are from and live, what brought them to our gathering and pursue an opportunity to visit with them in their homes for further study and also to answer any questions they may have about the worship service they just attended.
    I stress that between Sundays, we have plenty of time or should make the time to visit each other to share each one’s growing relationship with the Lord.
    That was my Sunday.

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