Does Paul go against the rest of the Bible on the topic of gender roles?

Bible by fireplaceOne of the myths in the debate on gender roles is the idea that the weight of the biblical record supports full egalitarianism, but two verses written by Paul have led churches to discriminate against women. That’s not the case at all.

Another debate which courses through our fellowship is the topic of instrumental music. In that case, instruments were clearly accepted in the Old Testament; the case must be made, therefore, as to why that changed (or didn’t) in the New Testament. [Another topic for another day]

That’s not how it is with gender roles. As we’ve discussed this week, the bulk of the biblical record argues for a difference between what men and women do. There are exceptions, few and easily counted. There’s been a furor this week about the ratio of women speakers to men speakers in Christian conferences. One blogger calculated that 19% of the speakers are women. The percentage of women in leadership roles in the Bible is far lower than that, even if we include ungodly women like Jezebel and Athaliah.

The burden of proof, so to speak, is on those that want to show a marked change in policy. The weight of the biblical record, not to mention church history, is against them. Don’t think that by dealing with Paul’s remarks, we’ve settled the issue. There’s much more to be looked at and studied.

Let me repeat what I said on Wednesday: I think women have often been mistreated, abused, and wrongfully treated as second-class citizens of the Kingdom. I think that the whats and hows of their participation in the Body need to be examined with an open mind.

I just don’t want to start the process with misconceptions.

3 thoughts on “Does Paul go against the rest of the Bible on the topic of gender roles?

  1. Vern

    Any Bible question worth considering must begin from God’s purpose. Without that constraint, one can end up in the ditch of vanity.

  2. heavenbound

    What Paul says in his letters obviously speaks to the people of his times. Men owned property, headed the ruling class and Theocratic government. Woman were like chattle property. People owned slaves at this time as well. For us to discriminate against women falls into a catagory of an unloving and not treating others in God’s light which is love. For anyone with any intelligence to compare today’s dealing with women in any other way than respect and love, really doesn’t understand what it is to love as a Christian.

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