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When The Cause Replaces The Cross

We are united, not by our acts of service, but our Savior’s service even unto the cross. When we seek something other than the kingdom, we become just like any other social agency, except ours is baptized in religious rhetoric. Remember, non-Christians engage in good deeds too. Gospel proclamation makes the difference!

violence & my Lord: what did Jesus’ apostle, Paul, do? (1)

It’s not a pretty picture, is it? Saul/Paul is a man in full agreement with murder, wreaking havoc in the lives of Christians across a large expanse, dragging innocent people away to prison, issuing murderous threats, and generally looking for every sanction possible to continue his dark ways of violence.

It’s safe to say that Saul/Paul was a man given over completely to the exercise of even the darkest side of all that is violence. And his reputation was such you could say he was something of the poster boy for sanctioned violence in his place and time.

But God refused to let him stay that way!

Ministry Inside.105

Have you ever realized that you were becoming the main point of your life?

Or, to put it another way, have you ever realized that you have been living out of your ego instead of your soul?

On Writing

Some practical wisdom.

  1. Let me just say that while it’s a great, formative process, writing won’t change your life.
  2. Writing is hard work.
  3. Your goal should not be to “publish.” Your goal should be to write a great, relevant, insightful, moving book.
  4. Writing is an act of faith and discovery.
  5. Writing is always merely an extension of your life.
  6. Writing is a communal experience.
  7. Writing is confession.

Can Obama end the long fight over gun violence research?

In the public health research world, however, there’s a near consensus that a gun lobby-backed campaign against the CDC has purposely suppressed research on the subject for political reasons, a setback that has left the field decades behind.

Do You Need Mac Antivirus Software in 2013?

But the reality is that antivirus tools offer only limited protection, and relying on antivirus for your security is as naive as believing Macs are invulnerable.

Did Google Street View car run over a donkey?

A picture has emerged on Twitter which was taken by a Google Street View car showing a donkey – which looks dead – lying beside a road in Botswana. And the pictures seem to suggest that the donkey was knocked over by the very same Google Street view camera car which photographed the injured beast.

Florida man killed after dog steps on gas pedal

We’ve all seen tragic headlines about a man being killed by his best friend. But this sad story out of the Sunshine State is truly bizarre: James Campbell died after his dog jumped into his van and landed on the vehicle’s accelerator.

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