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A Letter to the Grandparents of My Third Culture Kids

Sometimes people say to me, “Oh, your poor parents. So far from their children and grandchildren.” And sometimes I want to respond (tongue in cheek), “Its their own fault. They raised us to care about the world, to work for justice, to explore, to depend on God more than on ourselves.” Thank you for living this way and for passing it on the next and next generations.

False Facts: Why We Love Bad Stats

Mark Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas in Austin, says something called “confirmation bias” might be at work. In other words, people like statistics that reinforce their beliefs. If people are fearful that marriages are in trouble, he said, they’ll tend to believe statistics that confirm those fears.
Even if those statistics aren’t exactly right.

Pastor Andy Stanley Tells Christians How To Be Rich

Don’t be fooled by the title; this is not another book purporting that God wants to bless all his followers with a diamond-studded Rolex, fully-loaded Benz, and their best life now. Stanley, bestselling author and pastor of one of the largest churches in America, begins with the premise that most Americans are richer than they realize and offers advice on how to be more generous. “How to Be Rich” is typical Stanley, which is to say, it is chock full of sticky one-liners and helpful practical tips. It’s a fresh take on how to leverage one’s wealth for the good of others, and is well worth reading.

Ministry Inside.137

I was a young minister and shocked by what he admitted to practicing. Surely he did not say what I think he just said. Did he really say that he told the story as if it happened to him but it didn’t? Yes, I had heard him correctly.

Waitress receives $6,000 tip for being happy

Sailors’ story and positive attitude moved her customers so much that they invested in her future to a significant degree. They wrote a check for $5,000 to Trinity for her to go back to school this spring, and another check for $1,000 for Sailors herself for daily expenses.

Dog with deodorant can causes explosion at British couple’s home

Firefighters told the couple the fire appears to have started when Zeus, their 6-month-old whippet mix, bit into a can of spray deodorant and left the punctured can next to the gas fireplace. The can ignited when a burner came on

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