Herald of Truth in Nicaragua

Just got back from a profitable time in Nicaragua, doing several events for Herald of Truth. Traveled on Thursday, arriving that evening. Bruno Valle was waiting for me and accompanied me to the Best Western hotel in Managua, which is literally across the street from the airport.

Bruno had copies of my new book with him, the one I mentioned the other day. It was interesting to finally see the book in its physical form. That’s the first book I’ve done in Spanish.

On Friday morning, we went to the radio station where we broadcast the Lea La Biblia program. Bruno does the show live every Friday, using my recorded programs on the other days. He and I did the program in an interview style, talking about the new book and an event we would be speaking at that afternoon. The afternoon event was a Lea La Biblia training session, where I talked to those gathered about how to read and study the Bible. There were about 100 in attendance. We sold the books at cost, about $1.50. Experience has shown us that people give more value to a book they pay for, even if it’s a minimal payment. That money also allows us to keep printing books.

From there we drove to León. On Saturday morning, we led some training sessions at the Colegio Cristiano (Christian School) in León. Those gathered were from 15 congregations of the Church of Christ in the León valley, about 200 people in all. I spoke to them about evangelism and discipleship, while Bruno gave lectures on homiletics. We did about six hours in all.

Sunday morning, I spoke for the church that meets at the school, then we had another training session on Sunday afternoon, where I presented the material I had done in Managua on Friday afternoon.

Monday morning, we headed back to Managua, then recorded some videos that afternoon. Monday evening I had supper with Travis and Mindy Stewart, who work in Jinotega; Benny Baker, longtime missionary to Jinotega, also joined us to visit a bit.

Tuesday was a travel day, coming home. It was a tiring trip, but quite profitable. We did some good training (according to comments received) and distributed important literature. (Each church took home a packet of tracts.)

Bruno Valle is doing a great job in Central America. The organization was impeccable, and we had a nice mix of working with members of the church and with outsiders. Always exciting to be a part of something like that.

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