Hope For Life (book)

Published in 2011, Hope For Life consists of articles originally written for Heartlight Magazine. Most of the articles were also published on the Hope For Life web site.

These short articles, many of them written with non-Christians in mind, are divided into 6 sections:

  • Hope
  • Forgiveness
  • Salvation
  • Responding to God
  • Living in Christ
  • Christian community

The pictures in the book are all from Herald of Truth ministry events. The articles draw on illustrations from everyday life and are accompanied by illustrative Bible verses. This book will help you find the hope that only God can give.

The book costs $11.00, and shipping is $2.57. Residents of Texas have to pay sales tax as well. (If you would like a signed copy, please send an email to timothycarcher@gmail.com indicating how you would like the book inscribed. If you’d prefer to purchase by check, you can e-mail me at the same address for further information.)

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