Is God a Moral Monster?

I wanted to send you today to read an interesting article. Frank Viola has a long post entitled “What is God Really Like? Hell, the Old Testament God, and Love Wins – An Interview with the Author of “Is God a Moral Monster?”” The title should clue you into the fact that it’s a long post!

The interview at the end of the post is fascinating. I’m interested in reading this book now, Is God a Moral Monster? Read through some of his explanations. Is he overreaching to justify God or do you think what he says has some validity? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

(Yeah, the book image is an associate link. If you decide to buy and use that link, I get enough commission to buy a stick of gum)

4 thoughts on “Is God a Moral Monster?

  1. Ed Heida

    The obvious, of course, is that man is the moral monster and because of a loving God, man was given a “set of laws” to not only contend with our own moral depravities, but also to allow man to walk the ways of God. Those who think man is better off without God, witness our own modern history. It is a testament of how we do without God guiding our laws. (Remember Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Pol Pot) Millions upon millions perished when we men are left to own devices. Some may say but those men were just aberrations, true, yet theirs and other nations willingly and knowingly followed their ways and pure destruction followed.
    On a different line, it is interesting that God’s laws were more of redemption than of persecution. A thief was to repay a certain amount over what what was stolen. He was not go to a prison locked up. In fact, may be wrong here, but when did God set up prisons? I think this was an idea made up by man. Justice is for a man to redeem himself to the persons/community that he wronged, not to be locked away. For those who’s hatred and depravity were in their actions, then for the good of the community they were dealt with harshly.
    Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your site. Find it a good thing to read.
    In Him – Ed

  2. Bob Bliss

    Tim, this is a good book. I’m putting it on my “to get” list. Thanks.

    Ed, appreciate your perspective. I think you are spot on.

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