Jay Guin on Pacifism

Jay Guin is doing an interesting study on pacifism over on his blog. That’s a topic that I would like to explore sometime; for now, I’ll just point you to Jay’s works and the discussion over there. Pacifism and nonviolence are difficult topics because emotions enter into the discussion, making it hard to work from a base of logic and reason.

I haven’t agreed with some of his conclusions, but I always respect Jay’s study methods. Here are the links to the posts so far:

The Early Church
David Lipscomb and Civil Government
John Howard Yoder, Part 1
Part 2
A Culture of Life, Part 1
Part 2
A Thought Experiment
Fitting Government into the Story
A Reply to Guy
Pacifism:  Police and Defensive War, Part 1
Pacifism: In Answer to Tim’s and Guy’s Questions
Pacifism: Police and Defensive War, Part 2

If you’d like to discuss any of the comments I’ve made along the way, feel free to comment here.

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