Let’s create a culture of life

All children — born and unborn — are made in the holy image of God.” I loved that line from last night’s State of the Union speech. The context was appropriate: what is being promoted regarding abortion in the United States is reprehensible. I am opposed to abortion, especially late term abortion.

I hope that the last part, the biblical reference, can really take hold in this country. Imagine if we could create a culture of respect for others that recognizes the divine spark within each one.

What if every time a politician spoke to another, you could tell they believe the other is God’s creation? What if every time we spoke of a foreign nation or the leader of one of those countries, we did so in a way that recognizes they are made in God’s image? What if when we spoke of the immigrant, we did so in a way that honored them rather than belittling them?

For all people are made in the holy image of God. Even if those children aren’t American citizens. Even if those children have darker skin. Even if those children aren’t Christian. Even when those children grow up.

We can’t be taken seriously when discussing abortion if we are insensitive to the needs of those that have already been born! If our speech towards others is marked by anger and insult, no one will listen when we claim to believe others are made in the image of God. If we treat the rich and educated better than the poor and needy, we dishonor the One who created them both.

We can’t claim to speak up for children, yet say that it’s inconvenient to return immigrant children who were separated from their parents! The sheer hypocrisy of such should be evident to all. Until we create a culture of life and respect for all, outcry against abortion will fall on deaf ears.

Speak out against abortion! Speak up for the dignity of humans created in the image of God. Call for the equal treatment of all of God’s image-bearers.

image courtesy Phillip Martin

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