Letters From The Lamb

The letters to the churches in Revelation…

Seven letters written two thousand years ago to some persecuted Christians in Asia Minor…

Letters that seem to raise more questions than answers:

  • Why is Jesus putting some churches out of business?
  • How is the poor church the richest of them all?
  • Can a church that seems to be alive actually be dead?
  • Does Jesus really want to vomit some Christians out of his mouth?
  • And the biggest question of all: can these ancient letters have anything to say to us today?

Letters from the Lamb takes the first-century message from the letters of Revelation and makes it intelligible to the twenty-first century reader. Using information gleaned from archaeology, historical writings and careful examination of the biblical text, Timothy Archer helps the reader see the letters through first-century eyes. Steve Ridgell then takes that ancient message and makes it pertinent to the modern reader, letting the words of Jesus come alive for today’s world.

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