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I Was A Disney Princess, I Had An Abortion, And It Almost Ruined My Life

We do not need a Disney princess written by authors scripting a manipulated story that aims to glorify killing children. This kind of strategic propaganda contributed to my own personal tragedy. Abortion doesn’t empower. It is a tragic tale rarely told because the abortion architects would need to admit the damage it has caused women like myself (and obviously their children).

When Hot-Button Issues Cry Out to Young Pastors

  1. In the mix of hot-button social issues, we young pastors should avoid thinking that we have mastered these issues.
  2. Amidst hot-button cultural issues, we ought to consider that, as younger pastors, we don’t have many great things to say.
  3. When hot-button social issues rage, the best thing is to keep Bible exposition the main thing.
  4. In the throes of hot-button issues, young pastors can care about hot-button issues more by devoting less time to them.
  5. Amidst cultural hot-button issues, younger pastors can benefit from deepening in a biblical understanding of anthropology and hamartiology.
  6. Amidst hot-button social issues, we ought to remind ourselves how greatly God desires our own personal sanctification.
  7. Amidst hot-button cultural issues, young pastors do well to humble themselves under older, seasoned men.
  8. Amidst hot-button social issues, young pastors should keep loving people.
  9. In the mix of hot-button issues, young pastors do well to read the Bible more.

It’s Time to End the Stupid about the End Times: Debunking Christian Numerology

Self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David Meade is at it again. This time, though, he’s saying that the world is going to end on April 23rd.
It’s on the front page of the USAToday and the Drudge Report right now.
Worse yet, he’s now brought international policy issues into the discussion (another subject area for which he has no academic credentials, like his “Christian numerology”). He’s now predicting that a nuclear conflict will also occur this month.
But before you panic and make an emergency trip to the grocery store or run to break out that apocalyptic survival gear, know that this isn’t Meade’s first rodeo. He’s predicted that the world would end not once, but twice already this year. Again, before getting into a tizzy and starting to think that maybe this could finally be the real deal, I want you to notice something: we’re all still here.

“Remember Me:” Worship, Stuff, and the Communion of Saints

Suddenly I became aware of the fact that this hymnal, the one in my hand, had been held by others from my own congregation who had also fallen asleep in the Lord. I gently felt the cover and moved my fingers across its pages as I stretched out my mind to remember—who had sat in the pew in which I was sitting? Who had taken this hymnal from the rack and opened it? With whom was I connected at that moment in grasping this book, this artifact of the church?

Two Doors Down, again

To my east two doors down is a family with a boat and a storm shelter. Two doors to my east is well I don’t know that we have met. Immediately to my east is the family who lost their father to cancer last year. He left behind two college age boys, an elementary daughter and his wife. Immediately to my west is a small family who father is a local police officer. Across the road from me lives another police officer with a different department.
At my house we celebrate that we have salvation through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are having a party – daily! What about my neighbors? Will I invite them to our party? Or will they think think of me like Dolly Pardon sang of her neighbors, ” . . . they’re not aware that I’m around!”

Zuckerberg Just Proved Once Again That Congress Doesn’t Understand The Internet

It’s true that technology can feel less important to mainstream American life than it does to life inside the tech bubble, but that’s changing. The internet has already transformed society, and technologies like AI and autonomous driving will continue to have huge effects on our economy and the way we live. How can members of Congress hope to successfully regulate these technologies if it doesn’t understand them?

Why You Should Always Have an Offline Version of Your Boarding Pass

You don’t necessarily want to put the fate of your entire trip in the hands of a potentially fickle smartphone. If you’re using a link to your mobile boarding pass that your airline has emailed you, take a screenshot of it, so you can still scan it when you get to security or your gate if you can’t load the page. Better yet, save an offline version to your Apple Wallet or PassWallet. When you save the ticket to your mobile passbook, you’ll get push notifications as the flight time draws near that give you easy access to the ticket from your notification screen.

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