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Why the Cuba embargo is such a very bad idea

Sen. Jeff Flake, the Arizona Republican who takes a heterodoxical position on the embargo, argues that current American policy only helps Cuba’s Communist rulers. “We could allow for the free movement of Americans to Cuba, who would bring with them books and newspapers and ideas and commerce,” Flake told me. “And if you really want to create headaches for them,” he continued, only half-jokingly, “let them deal with spring break.”

Do You Love the Immigrant?

I’m not talking about political policy. I’m not talking about legislation or health care or legal issues or any of that. I’m asking what I believe is the most important question of all. I don’t think we can even begin to hear God speak to us about this issue until we answer this at a heart level: Do we love the immigrant? What is our attitude towards the immigrants who live in our community? Fear, hatred, anger, disdain…or love?

I’m Thankful that I Became Blind

In her autobiographical book entitled Fanny Crosby’s Life-Story (1903), Crosby narrates the following account in which she expresses her thankfulness to God that, in His providence, she became blind. Crosby was not born blind. At six weeks old she had inflammation in her eyes. The physician, who tried to help her, mistakenly destroyed Crosby’s eyes. Consequently, she became blind for the rest of her life. However, she mentions in her book that if she could meet that physician, she would say, “Thank you, thank you—over and over again—for making me blind, if it was through your agency that it came about!”

When Marriage is Hard

Our marriage vows are a picture of the greater vow God makes to us, his Bride. We promise to be with our husband in sickness and in health. We commit to loving him for richer or poorer. We vow to stay with him until that final day when death separates us. Weddings are solemn ceremonies. While it seems romantic and idealistic on your wedding day to pledge your undying love and devotion to the man of your dreams, the truth is it is excruciating in real life.

Please Don’t Make My Funeral All About Me

What you must not do at my funeral is make it all about me. What I want most is that “Christ will be honored in [my] body, whether in life or in death” (Phil.1:20). Those gathered that day have no need for a sanitized, idealized rendition of who I was or what I accomplished. On that day, in fact on every day until that day, “he must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).

New Feature Coming to Wineskins – Old and New Testament Commentary

One of the things we are working on as a new feature to Wineskins is an index of posts by scripture from our Featured Authors (people like Jay Guin, John Mark Hicks, Patrick Mead and more).

Top 10 Ways to Win at the Internet

A step-by-step guide on how to be enraged on the internet all of the time

14 Dining-Related Taboos from Around the World

Visit different countries, and you’re bound to experience cultural differences—especially at the dinner table. Here are some things to help you mind your manners, wherever you’re traveling next.

Board Member Wants Dress Code For Parents Dropping Kids Off At High School

A Florida high school wants to set a dress code for parents.
Broward County School Board member Dr. Rosalind Osgood brought up the idea during a meeting after noticing parents dropping their kids off at Boyd Anderson High School while wearing saggy pants that exposes their underwear and curlers in their hair.

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  1. Jerry Starling

    Tim, I looked for a way to subscribe to the blog you linked to re “Do You Love the Immigrant” but could not find it. Can you be sure to give links to the future posts in this series? This looks to be a sane, balanced, and (above all) a Christian approach to a very delicate issue.

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