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Reaction of the rich to the Notre Dame fire teaches us a lot about the world we live in

The next time someone tries to pretend like you need to choose between homelessness or immigration, nurses’ pay or a tax cut, a children’s hospital or a motorway, remember this moment. The money is there at a click of a finger. It just isn’t in our hands.

Five Things That Masked the Death of a Church

  1. The church had money.
  2. Members still had their friends in the church.
  3. Guests still came to the church.
  4. Mission giving was still good.
  5. Meetings were well attended.

Enemies of the Cross Defeat Themselves

Conversely, where the gospel of Christ has been faithfully and humbly presented hospitals have been built, orphanages created, lives saved, marriages renewed, children fed, homes built, clean water delivered, addictions treated, the environment repaired. Children and adults have been educated, medicine has been delivered, infant mortality has decreased while deaths associated with childbirth have dropped. Works of visual and musical arts that have stood the test of centuries have been created, and are still being created. The pain of natural disasters has been assuaged. The list could go on.

Are You a Pain Or a Joy?

  • Coachable leaders get the concept of spiritual authority.
  • Coachable leaders are action-oriented.
  • Coachable leaders are humble.

On Graying Toward Glory

I will keep my hair appointment because the cracks in this earthly jar are showing and I want to pretend, for a little while longer, I am more invincible than I am. But I think someday I will go gray, let the white tendrils of age grow or turn and prove I am not what I once was and by God’s grace I will not be tomorrow what I am today.

5-star phonies: Inside the fake Amazon review complex

Amazon did not respond to our request for comment. But days after The Hustle sent emails to the company, thousands of the fraudulent reviews were taken off the site.
Among them were the 3,971 5-star reviews for the charger I purchased. The product now has 11 reviews and holds a rating of 2.5 stars.

People were extremely disappointed when a local library clarified it’d be having ‘snacks’ and not ‘snakes’ at its anti-prom event

A library in Pflugerville, Texas, will be hosting an anti-prom event on Friday. But ahead of the festivities, the library had to issue a correction after a misprint in a local newspaper said that there would be snakes at the event, BuzzFeed News first reported.

Texas woman allegedly attacks husband after getting silence when she asked if she’s pretty

Ramirez’s husband said he didn’t respond — as he didn’t hear her — which upset Ramirez, and prompted them to leave the theater.
During their ride home, Ramirez’s husband claimed she allegedly hit him repeatedly. At their home, she allegedly continued to hit him and even assaulted a family member who tried to intervene, according to the news outlet.

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