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Taking Religion Seriously

I can be sure that’s what many of you think because your generation of high-IQ college-attending young people, like mine 50 years ago, has been as thoroughly socialized to be secular as our counterparts in preceding generations were socialized to be devout. Some of you grew up with parents who were not religious, and you’ve never given religion a thought. Others of you went to Sunday school as a child (I’m going to use the Christian context in this discussion) and went to church with your parents in adolescence, but left religion behind as you were socialized by college. By socialized, I don’t mean that you studied theology under professors who convinced you that Thomas Aquinas was wrong. You didn’t study theology at all. None of the professors you admired were religious. When the topic of religion came up, they treated it dismissively or as a subject of humor. You went along with the zeitgeist.

Immigration Part 3: What Would We Do?

When we have a knee jerk reaction, “Why don’t you just go back where you came from?” I’m not sure we have thought about the motivations of what brought them here in the first place. What would we do if we were in their shoes? If our kids are starving and our family is at risk of violence…and there is food and a job and safety across the border. What would we do as parents?

Tolerance is our God

What really stinks about “tolerance” is that one could argue God is the most tolerant being in the universe. However tolerance is being measured in standards of morality and not eternal love.
God is as fiercely in love with his people as he is fiercely intolerant of their sin.
Christians serve the most tolerant God in the universe—it is when tolerance usurps Yahweh as God that problems arise.

A Lot of Telling to Do

I believe that each individual Christian has the duty, obligation, responsibility to tell their friends about Jesus. While some, maybe most, will not listen for long, we owe it to them and to Jesus to speak. For we have a lot of telling to do.

Dog testifies in court in French murder case

The judge ordered the suspect to threaten the canine with a bat, with the idea being that Tango’s reactions could be used to identify or rule out the suspect. And in a nod to the scientific method of keeping tests fair, a second dog named Norman, of the same age and breed as Tango, was brought in to serve as the ‘control group’.

Thieves steal $18,000 worth of Axe shower gel

On Saturday, a pallet of Axe shower gel, famed for its advertising campaign based on its ability to lure women, was stolen after someone broke into the trailer of a semi truck that was parked on Indianapolis’ east side, IndyStar reports.
According to an Indianapolis Police Department report, there was 3,600 bottles of the stuff of the pallet — about $18,000 worth of Axe.

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