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We’re underestimating the mind-warping potential of fake video

Let’s put this all together. False memories fester when they make sense to our political worldview, when it’s familiar and repeated ad nauseam, when we trust the source of the information, and when this information is corroborated, shared, and discussed by like-minded people.
Where else do all these things happen? Social media. Fake stories tend to move more quickly to people on these platforms than the truth, fueled by surprise and bias.

A sober treatise on the future of warfare warns of the perils of autonomous robotic combatants

Fiscal constraints and decreasing human resources, together with the promise of enhanced precision, effective risk management, and force multiplication, are driving Pentagon planners (and their counterparts in other nations) to aggressively pursue battlefield automation. In Army of None, Paul Scharre offers an authoritative and sobering perspective on the automated battlefields that will very soon come to characterize military conflict, predicting that autonomous robots, many fully armed and capable of independent targeting decisions, will inevitably come to rule the waves, as well as prevailing on the ground, in the air, and especially in space.

7 Communication Practices That Will Improve Your Staff Culture

  1. Confront Privately and Praise Publicly
  2. Have Difficult Conversations in Person
  3. Encourage More Than Correct
  4. Be Transparent
  5. Be Optimistic
  6. Be a Raving Fan Publicly and a Frank Critic Privately
  7. Have Relationships Outside of the Office

Why I Don’t Sit With My Husband at Church

Every week, men and women wander into our gatherings for the first time, some invited, others of their own accord. Some have recently moved and are seeking community while others haven’t been to church in a while, or ever. Their experience will determine whether they ever come back.
For my husband and me, offering hospitality has meant breaking down a common church practice: sitting together as a family.

Reading Aloud to Young Children Has Benefits for Behavior and Attention

A new study provides evidence of just how sustained an impact reading and playing with young children can have, shaping their social and emotional development in ways that go far beyond helping them learn language and early literacy skills. The parent-child-book moment even has the potential to help curb problem behaviors like aggression, hyperactivity and difficulty with attention, a new study has found.

Man’s own dashboard camera shows him committing burglary

More than three hours after the alleged burglary, on State Road 7 near Southern Boulevard, Moran was involved in a crash on Belvedere Road. Moran told a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy that he was cut off by another driver and could prove it through his dashboard camera.
Moran signed a consent waiver to search the camera.
While reviewing the video footage, the deputy observed Moran’s 2014 Nissan backing into a parking space in front of the Sally’s Beauty Supply store. The video then allegedly shows Moran taking a bat from the car’s trunk and breaking the glass door leading into the business.

Dad Jokes, I had to

Dad Jokes are a thing now and I saw where some have made a game where you try not to laugh at Dad Jokes. Dad jokes are fun! My son is 20 and I still tell dad jokes around him, I have to. I can not or at least refuse too stop myself. I thought, since it is Friday and you may be around you children or grandchildren this weekend, that I would share some of my favorite Bible-based Dad Jokes with you.

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