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Why deprived communities need more than a social gospel

The biggest issue facing any of us is the problem of sin. Our biggest need is the gospel. That is not to minimise the very real problems that people in deprived communities face, it is just to say that eternity is much longer and the reality of Hell much more serious. The social gospel does nothing for the eternal soul of those we are reaching. It may help some of their immediate issues, but it does nothing for their deepest and longest term problems.

The Ugly Coded Critique of Chick-Fil-A’s Christianity

Narrow-mindedness of this sort is alarmingly common on the left. A few years ago, a well-known progressive commentator mused to his large Twitter following that sometimes he wishes all the Christians would just disappear. I would like to believe he was simply too uninformed to realize that he was wishing for a whiter world.

Why Christians Blogs Aren’t What They Used To Be

Today fewer people are beginning blogs in the first place and more are abandoning the ones they began in the past. A recent check of my favorite sites found almost 30 that have gone dormant in the past few months. What’s happened? There are many possible answers and I’m sure they are as unique as the lives and circumstances of the individuals. But let me suggest a few.

Was Gnosticism Tolerant and Inclusive? Debunking Some Myths about “Alternative” Christianities

As we have seen here, the real Gnosticism was very different. And it reminds us that perhaps Gnosticism failed not because it was politically oppressed by those crafty orthodox folks, but because it simply proved to be less attractive to those in the earliest centuries who were seeking to follow Christ.
Or, as F.F. Bruce famously quipped, “The Gnostic schools lost because they deserved to lose” (Canon of Scripture, 277).

Going Into All The World Is Something To Be Learned

The call to go into all of the world, I felt, was always for others. I liked the idea. My intention was to be a contributor toward it. But I didn’t believe that God could do for me what I saw Him doing for others. Yet, He will, He can, and He does… for every one of us. I don’t blame you for holding back or holding out. But I encourage you to want to learn how to develop His personality within yours that such a tandem might go all over the place…into all of the world.

Heaven Would Be Hell Without God

Surely no one who had actually been in heaven would neglect to mention what Scripture shows is its main focus. If you had spent an evening dining with a king, you wouldn’t just talk about the place settings. When John was shown heaven and wrote about it, he recorded the details — but first and foremost, from beginning to end, he kept talking about Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb, with infinite gravitas and beauty.

Find a Table and You Might Find Redemption

The early church continued the practice of “breaking bread.” And so can we. The meal fellowship at table was an important part of the life of the church because it was an important part of the life of Jesus. When we share the story around a table with others our eyes—and theirs—may be opened too.

Every good work

That’s the heart of good work: Make a good product or deliver a good service for the good of other people. That can be true whether you’re flying a plane or making a sandwich for a hungry customer. Men and women made in the image of their Creator are hard-wired for productivity.

3 Rules I Use to Stay Productive and Not Overwhelmed

  1. Start with the end in mind
  2. Find leverage with routines, habits and technology tools
  3. Learn to say no

Penn State says wilderness is too risky for outdoors clubs

The Penn State Outing Club, originally founded in 1920, announced last week that the university will no longer allow the club to organize outdoor, student-led trips starting next semester. The hiking, camping and other outdoors-focused activities the student-led club has long engaged in are too risky, the university’s offices of Student Affairs and Risk Management determined.

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