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The Absurdity of The Passion

So we sit in the darkness of these disturbing events, recognizing that the same cruelty that crucified Jesus continues to pollute our world. And as we do so, we look to Christ, who embodies the divine madness of love.

In the midst of a teacher strike, Oklahoma teens deliver lunches to inner-city families

“We know that this walkout has affected a lot of people, including people who are less privileged,” said George Hartman, one of the teens. “so giving them lunches, which they usually would get at school, is a great way to help.”
The teens worship with the Memorial Road Church of Christ on the north side of town, just outside the affluent Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond.

4 Ways Christians Should Share Their Faith That Are Actually Effective

As we strive to be the people of God living out the mission of God in our cynical, polarizing world, showing hospitality where we love the outsider, engage and welcome everyone we meet, and invite them to dinner, we will have opportunities to not only show the Gospel but to actually share the Gospel. Because at the end of the day, we can preach the Gospel with our lives, but words are ultimately necessary. There comes a point where, out of love, we must be bold and courageous to sit down with our neighbor and tell them about the good news of the Gospel.

7 Small Changes Which Produce Huge Results

  1. Read one chapter of a book each day.
  2. Two glasses of water each morning.
  3. Exercise as a part of your daily routine.
  4. Spend 5 to 10 minutes in prayer and reflection each morning.
  5. Take 5 minutes to plan the day.
  6. Routine your week.
  7. Make a list.

On Tribes and Community: Part 6, Our Kids Are Liberals

But we are starting to lament how our kids are being sent out into the world without a tribe, without the deep sense of belonging we experienced as children. Our kids are beautiful people, but we worry they are sacrificing life-giving, face-to-face community in the tribe for likes on Instragram and Snapchat. Millenials are tolerant, but they are also anxious and adrift. And there’s more to Christianity than tolerance.

In 1996, a dying boy found a little turtle. Their story is now a children’s book

The book, which doesn’t directly mention Jonathan’s cancer, tells of a boy who grows weaker and can no longer take care of his turtle. Children can process the part of the narrative about saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Adults understand that it is not about a turtle. All proceeds will go to pediatric cancer research.

Coach Wright gives honor of cutting down championship net to team chaplain

Typically, the head coach of the national championship team is the last one to go up the ladder and cut down the net to commemorate a college basketball national championship. But this year’s Villanova Wildcats team did things a little differently. Coach Jay Wright passed that honor to the team chaplain, Father Rob Hagan OSA.

Millennials destroyed the rules of written English – and created something better

That’s because millennials have created a new rulebook for a variant of written English unique to social media. A rulebook which states that deliberately misspelled words and misused grammar can convey tone, nuance, humour, and even annoyance.
Dr Lauren Fonteyn, English Linguistics lecturer at University of Manchester, told Mashable “something exciting” is happening with the way that millennials write, and it goes far, far beyond our proclivity to use acronyms and “like.”
Fonteyn says millennials are “breaking the constraints” of written English to “be as expressive as you can be in spoken language.” This new variant of written English strives to convey what body language, and tone and volume of voice can achieve in spoken English.

Want to Remember Your Vacation? Take Fewer Photos

In another test, 238 participants took the same church tour, but did so in pairs instead of alone. Most didn’t know their partners before the study. The pairs weren’t allowed to talk to each other, and in each pair, the participants were part of different groups—in some, one participant was supposed to take photos for personal use while the other wasn’t supposed to take photos at all; in others, one participant was supposed to share photos to Facebook and one was in the no-photo condition; and in still others, both partners were in the no-photo group. Again, the researchers found that taking photos negatively affected people’s memories of the experience in a follow-up survey several days later.

Florida woman thought her 37-week pregnancy was bad Chinese food: ‘I was in shock’

At 4 a.m. on March 25, 29-year-old Crystal Gail Amerson awoke with a searing pain in her abdomen. With her fiancé, Brian Westerfield, sleeping beside her, she thought about the Chinese food they’d eaten the night before. Perhaps she was having a reaction to the General Tso’s chicken?
But as minutes turned to hours and the pain got worse, it finally hit her: This wasn’t food poisoning, these were labor contractions. It’s a startling revelation for anyone, but especially a woman who has been unaware — until this moment — that she’s pregnant.

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