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What You Need to Know About What’s Happening in Iraq

There’s something in this conversation about removing the log in our own eye before removing the speck in our brother’s eye.
I think naturally we want to see what we can do to reach into Iraq in this moment. But the other side of it … a real prayer point is that we can be changed in this moment.
We can look at the suffering of Christians in Iraq and rather than blame it on Muslims, we can try—and it’ll take prayer, and it’ll take reflection, and it’ll take preaching and slow, methodical teaching in churches—to reconsider how we got to this place. How we voted for the things we voted for. How we did not listen to the voices that were warning us about these exact things.
We can hope, and we can train ourselves, and we can discipline ourselves so that 40 or 50 years from now, we’re not still having the same broken policy and posture.

10 Tips for
Christian Leaders Who Don’t Want To Become Self Promoting Jerks Online

Social Networking can be a fabulous tool for leaders to advance the kingdom. However like so many other things it can also lead us into dangerous territory if unexamined.
Below are some tips on how to use social networking well in our celebrity obsessed, image based culture without falling into the sin of pride. I have probably broken several at times, but hopefully they will be of help to you.

College Students: How To Stay A Christian During College

I read recently where 70% of college students quit Christianity during college … despite growing up in Christian homes. Ugh! Don’t buy into the lie that Satan feeds you, “This is the time you should be experiencing the world, drinking, partying!” Instead live for God … even when no one is watching.

God Does Not View Your Labors as ‘Filthy Rags’

This larger biblical context can provide the proper framework for understanding the intent of passages like Isaiah 64:6. The “filthy rags” in this passage does not refer to the Spirit-wrought works of the regenerate, but the outward religious grandstanding of the wicked (see Isaiah 58).

When Dad is Dying

You’ve just returned from the hospital. Your 86-year-old father has been diagnosed with cancer, and you’re trying to decide if he should undergo chemotherapy. He isn’t keen. He says he’s had a good life and wants to join his Savior. But he’s your dad. How do you decide what to do? How does the Bible guide us?

Where We Came From, State by State

The following charts document domestic migration since the turn of the last century, based on census data. For every state, we’ve broken down the population by resident’s state of birth. The ribbons are color-coded by region, and foreign-born residents are included at the bottom, in gray, to complete the picture for each state.

Colorado Hiker Sings Opera, Fends Off Mountain Lion Attack

“I don’t know why, I just started singing opera really loud,” Koestonsky told KUSA. “It kind of put its ears down and just kept looking at me, and it sort of backed away. Then, it came around the bushes and came towards me again and crouched about 10 feet away.”
Althoug Kopenstonsky’s singing didn’t deter the big cat completely, it seems to have unsettled the feline long enough for the hiker to safely retreat.

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