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Don’t Support This Bill, Oppose This Bill

The worst thing that has happened with the church since the 60s but especially since the 80s (under Reagan) has been the politicization and partisanization of the church.
Church cultures now exist where in a local church if you are not a Republican or a Democrat you don’t fit. This is surrendering to Caesar what belongs to God alone.
Now there is a bill underway, attached to the tax bill, that would permit churches or pastors or church leaders to identify with a political party and announce support for a political party and encourage church folks to support a political party.

Unlocking Eight Motivational Triggers for Evangelism and Discipleship

The secret to effectively motivating people is recognizing that different people are motivated in different ways. I know that sounds simple and straightforward, but unless we are very intentional about how we communicate, we will subconsciously try to motivate people in the same ways that motivate us. When that’s the case, we can preach God’s Word or share the gospel until we’re blue in the face and still not see people launched into a life-changing pursuit of Jesus.

A dangerous trend in the churches of Christ

When the Bible is reduced to being little more than a reference book filled with proof-texts that back up the doctrines we already believe, our ability to see its application in all areas of life is hindered. Where this is the case, God’s word is used only defensively, to defend the territory we already occupy. But the Bible is a book that should transform us bit by bit every time we open it. If most of our time spent studying the Word together is focused on backing up what we already know, we’ll never move past the milk stage.

Five Reasons the Homogeneous Church Is Declining and Dying

  1. We live in a heterogeneous culture.
  2. Gen Z will not have a majority racial or ethnic group.
  3. The Millennials tend to avoid homogeneous churches.
  4. Cultural Christianity is dying.
  5. Homogeneity is a form of segregation. It is not gospel-centric.

The Site That May Be Jesus Tomb

Archaeologists have discovered that Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre stands on the site of a Jewish cemetery dating to the time of Jesus. The shrine at the heart of the church, known as the Edicule, encases remnants of a tomb revered since the fourth century, imagined here.

Waffle House customer cooks up his own meal at empty restaurant

He stood at the register for 10 minutes, waiting for someone to take his order. Bowen even went outside to look for an employee, and then went back in.
“That’s when I got hot on the grill with a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt,” said Bowen.
He cooked his go-to meal and even cleaned up when he was done. While he was cooking, he saw the one employee who was fast asleep.

One thought on “Links To Go (December 5, 2017)

  1. Rafael G. Sustaita

    The story of Alex Brown finding sleeping employees at the Waffle House and him going behind the counter to prepare his own meal was hilarious. It made me think of the issues churches in general face today. Strangers and strange ideas keeping seeping into the church going behind the counter and cooking up their own doctrines while the leadership sleeps.

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