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Farm Group Seeks Immigration Changes

According to the report, the hardest-hit domestic food sectors under an enforcement-only proposal would be fruit production, which would plummet by 30 percent to 61 percent, and vegetable production, which would decline by 15 percent to 31 percent. Fruit and vegetables are labor intensive sectors because most of the crops must be picked by hand.
The study also found that livestock production, which also depends on immigrant labor, would fall by 13 percent to 37 percent.

How Do We Reach The Poor with The Gospel?

If you are a cultural outsider to schemes then take some time to listen to how people talk, what are some the common phrases (apart from the usual litany of swear words), the stories they like to tell and the humour they employ (super important). Then bring the gospel ‘home’ in ways they can relate to. God’s Spirit will do the rest (or not).

Sports Illustrated, Blockbuster, and Your Church

Unfortunately many churches are like Sports Illustrated and Blockbuster. They rightly see themselves are repositories of truth with a responsibility to get truth to others. Unfortunately, they hold to a singular content delivery system—the Sunday morning service—as ultimate. This is a time when people expect multiple delivery systems as the norm. For churches, the content will not change; the gospel is the same. But our delivery systems and touchpoints with “customers” must change both for the sake of our members and those who need Jesus.

20 Things People Over 20 Should Stop Doing

Remember that no one is perfect, and these points are all things I myself have once struggled with or witnessed. But take some time to think through habits you need to give up and habits you need to cultivate. It will help guide your transition into true adulthood with fewer regrets and pitfalls.

Praise the Lord and pass the beer, change is brewing among American Christians

Among colonial Christians, “no one felt any tension between Christianity and the moderate use of alcohol,” notes historian Mark Noll. Rather, most believers in America before 1800 “regarded the moderate use of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer and wine, as a privileged blessing from a gracious God.”
Perhaps today’s “beer Christianity” is not so much a new trend as it is a return to the posture toward alcohol that characterized much of Christian history?

The Church as a Mosaic: Exercises for Cultural Diversity

So, what should we call a church that reaches multiple groups of people? And what should we call a neighborhood that has Guatemalan Hispanics, Mexican Hispanics, aging Lutherans and a growing base of young Anglo professional? The accurate answer is a multicultural neighborhood. And, such a mosaic of cultures should give rise to a multicultural church.

Making A Splash In A Way That Inspires Others

Although we’re certain to leave a legacy, it’s up to us whether goodness and love follows in our wake, or whether we leave a trail of heartache and pain through the way we conduct our lives. In consciously choosing to craft an inspiring legacy, we accept personal responsibility for our actions. No one leaves a good legacy without effort; we have to work in order to hand off a worthwhile heritage to our children or to our successors in leadership.

Reports detail pilots heading to wrong airports

The accounts that are available paint a picture of repeated close calls, especially in parts of the country where airports are situated close together with runways similarly angled, including Nashville and Smyrna in Tennessee, Tucson and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, and several airports in South Florida.
“Nashville and Smyrna is interesting,” said Kevin Hiatt, a former Delta Air Lines chief pilot. As a plane approaches from the southeast, “there’s three airports right in a row that are pointed almost exactly the same.”

Shots fired over incorrect burger order at Michigan McDonald’s

A Michigan woman was so upset about a second consecutive incorrect burger order at a Grand Rapids McDonald’s that she allegedly fired a shot into the restaurant’s drive-thru window early Monday morning.

High Schooler With Down Syndrome Hits 3-Pointers

(Video) Kevin Grow, an 18-year-old with down syndrome, hit four 3-pointers for Bensalem (Pa.) High School.

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