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People Aren’t Yes-Or-No Answers

But more and more, I’m realizing that people aren’t yes-or-no questions. Behind every yes-or-no question is almost always a series of deeper questions, struggles, fears, and challenges.
When someone asks me whether abortion is wrong, there’s usually much more lying beneath the surface. The question is simply the tip of the iceberg.
If I quickly (and sometimes dismissively) answer their question without asking further questions, I’m missing the opportunity to both be like Christ AND answer their real questions.

Untwisting Scripture: “Be still and know that I am God” edition

The real good news of this psalm is that God is bent on bringing peace and justice to God’s creation, and all the people that dwell in it. In times of distress–wars, rumors of wars, genocide, political corruption, and unjust rulers–we shouldn’t be complacent or complicit with evil. But we can and should trust that God will not let those forces win. They will not harm and destroy forever. That’s the promise we should take refuge in.

He Made a Robot… then Married It

But it does raise some questions for Christians to think about.
If someone creates something, is it whatever he wants it to be?
Can you actually marry a robot? They had a ceremony and everything, so who decides what a marriage is anyway?
Does he love her/it? Does that make the difference?
What makes a robot a her anyway? Can she choose her gender? Or does he? Can it change?
Is it OK because it makes him happy?

Smartphone Detox: How To Power Down In A Wired World

Signs you might be experiencing problematic use, Lembke says, include these:

  • Interacting with the device keeps you up late or otherwise interferes with your sleep.
  • It reduces the time you have to be with friends or family.
  • It interferes with your ability to finish work or homework.
  • It causes you to be rude, even subconsciously. “For instance,” Lembke asks, “are you in the middle of having a conversation with someone and just dropping down and scrolling through your phone?” That’s a bad sign.
  • It’s squelching your creativity. “I think that’s really what people don’t realize with their smartphone usage,” Lembke says. “It can really deprive you of a kind of seamless flow of creative thought that generates from your own brain.”

Steve Jobs’s Advice on the Only 4 Times You Should Say ‘No’ Is Brilliant

  1. Say no to cluttering your mind.
  2. Say no to interruptions.
  3. Say no to time robbers and yes to time locking.
  4. Say no to your own unbelief.

‘The Bible Speaks Clearly’: Beth Moore, Max Lucado & 1,000 Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump on Immigration

The group is united against the president’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) deadline and is advocating for a more welcoming immigration and refugee policy.
“As Christian leaders, we have a commitment to caring for the vulnerable in our churches while also supporting just, compassionate and welcoming policies toward refugees and other immigrants,” the letter reads.
“The Bible speaks clearly and repeatedly to God’s love and concern for the vulnerable and also challenges us to think beyond our nationality, ethnicity or religion when loving our neighbor,” it continues.

‘Black Panther’ Is A Superhero Story You Haven’t Seen Before — And It’s Thrilling

A key reason for Wonder Woman’s runaway success last summer was that moment she climbed out of that trench, revealed herself to the world, withstood an onslaught of machine-gun fire and proceeded to get Amazonian on some enemy soldiers. Male heroes have been doing something similar for decades, in and out of spandex, but now, women in the audience got the chance to feel the raw and blissfully uncomplicated power of representation and understand what the nerds in their life saw in this silly stuff. Black Panther is filled with similar moments: a pan-African cast getting hero moment after hero moment in a gorgeous Afro-futurist setting where the light is always golden, and the tech is always glowy.

When MAD Magazine Got in Trouble for Printing Counterfeit Money

At that time, these machines were not terribly sophisticated. And as a few enterprising types discovered, they didn’t have the technology to really tell Alfred E. Neuman’s face from George Washington’s. In Las Vegas and Texas, coin unit operators were dismayed to discover that people had been feeding the phony MAD bill into the slots and getting actual money in return.

Description, sketch led to arrest warrant for man accused of Central Market theft

Nguyen was positively identified by a witness as well as investigators and veteran officers who recognized his physical description and alleged motive, police said.
“While the sketch provided by the witness may have appeared amateurish and cartoonish, it, along with the distinctive physical descriptors, jogged the memory of at least one investigator to provide a potential suspect name,” Lancaster police said on the department’s Crime Watch page.

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