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Is Sexual Orientation Analogous to Race?

We must, therefore, challenge our fellow believers who are promoting hate by claiming that discrimination based on sexual behavior is similar to racial bigotry and Jim Crow-style segregation laws. These types of claims that sexual orientation is analogous to race are unbiblical, racially insensitive, and morally repugnant. We must correct such misperceptions in a spirit of gentleness and truth. But we must also do so forcefully and make it clear that we cannot be followers of Christ and promoters of evil.

Can a Christian baker refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding?

As the case of the New Mexico photographer shows, these decisions are not black and white. There is a difficult balancing of competing rights, and which side you come down upon reflects your position on an issue – lest we forget – where public opinion has changed unbelievably quickly, whip-sawing in the space of a decade.

What I Learned About Holiness From Leviticus

What I learned about holiness from Leviticus is that we don’t have to wear robes, become monks, fast extensively, punish ourselves, go to holy places nor have holy moments to be holy people. It’s an everyday holiness through which the character of God is revealed to those around us.

Resolve to Think About Death

Remember that you will die. By forgetting about death, or not resolving to think about it, we are forgetting the natural consequence of our sins, forgetting the penalty required for them, forgetting the justice that was paid for us, forgetting how to love others and forgetting that there is still an enemy to be conquered.

What Expiation Means for You (4 Things)

  1. Expiation Means My Scars Don’t Define Me
  2. Expiation Means I Don’t Have to Be Ashamed
  3. Expiation Means I’m Clean
  4. Expiation Means I Can Be Bold

36 Lessons I’ve Learned About Habits

Changing habits is one of the most fundamental skills you can learn, because it allows you to reshape your life. To reshape who you are. That’s truly transformational.
I share these lessons not as Commandments from On High, but as things you might try, in your journey of change and learning. Try them one or two at a time, so you’re not overwhelmed. Come back to this list after you’ve done that.

Escapee captured after calling 911 to report his handcuffs were too tight

A Texas man who was able to escape from police on Saturday night is back in custody after he called 911 to report that his handcuffs were too tight.

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