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Is C.S. Lewis’s Liar-Lord-or-Lunatic Argument Unsound?

So Lewis thinks it implausible that monotheistic Jews would have invented an incarnate Messiah and he thinks that the genre of the gospels bears none of the typical marks of legends—based upon a lifetime of scholarly and leisure reading of ancient legends. Therefore, the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus of history. And if this one Jesus were not Lord, he would be a liar or a lunatic. But he is truthful (not a liar) and sane (not a lunatic). Therefore he is Lord.

7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics

Rather than engage in the political process, Christians have a duty to elevate it. Like any other sin, we are called to stand above the partisan dissension and demonstrate a better way. Should we have an opinion? Yes. Should we care about our country? Yes. Should we vote? Yes. But it’s time we talk politics in a way that models the teachings of Jesus rather than mocks them.

10 predictions about the future Church and shifting attendance patterns

I think the change we’re seeing around us might one day be viewed on the same level as what happened to the church after Constantine’s conversion or after the invention of the printing press. Whatever the change looks like when it’s done, it will register as a seismic shift from what we’ve known.

What a Minister Can Learn from a Congregation

I think it is far more important that a minister simply live as a human being among a congregation. No need to prove that you are human with flaws, shortcomings, and sins. Many people will become aware of this all too soon.

Dear Aspiring Minister…

I understand English may not be your favorite class, and that you won’t “like” every assignment. Get over it, and learn to appreciate every piece—if not for its own merit, then for the way reading it can develop your work ethic and spiritual formation. Stop questioning whether these classes are useful for ministry when you’ve barely done ministry, and consider that your professors—most of whom have been in the trenches for decades—might know a bit more than you about what you need.

Everyone deserves a fair chance

The problem with prejudice is that it answers questions without information. Stereotyping is the laziest form of thought because it reduces people to formulas and it robs individuals of their humanity.

‘Christians’ Who Leave Fake $20 Tips For Servers Draw Epic Response From Restaurant Manager

For quite some time now, Christian fundamentalists have been angering waiters and waitresses by leaving religious messages disguised as $20 bills as the tip.
The notes say that they can have something more valuable than money, which they claim is a belief in Jesus.
But to the servers who receive such a tip, it’s nothing more than a dirty trick that angers them. They worked hard attending to their customers in an effort to receive a well-earned tip that will help them pay the bills and put food on the table. A plain piece of paper masquerading as a $20 bill doesn’t help at all. If anything, it makes religious people look like a bunch of jerks.

The Best Places To Retire In 2015

Abilene, Texas
PROS: Robust economy, cost of living 17% below national average, average home price $142,000 (national average: $209,000). Low rate of violent crime. High number of doctors per capita, high rank on Milken Institute of best cities for successful aging. Warm climate.
CON: Not very walkable. NOTED: Average tax climate and air quality. Population 120,000. On list last year. TRIVIA: Founded as a railroad shipping town for cattle.

Uniformed PCSO mistaken for stripogram at 50th birthday party

PCSO Mike Ober was on foot patrol in Bradford-on-Avon on Saturday when he spotted an open door at a social club.
Going in to investigate, he was greeted by a group of women who “went wild with excitement” thinking he was the male stripper they had ordered.
He said: “The party was about to get started and they thought I was early.”

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