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The Proper Posture for Worship, in Seven Moods, Part 1

Of course, this is merely authority to bow, not a command, despite the phrase “so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow.” “Bow” should be taken as metaphoric, because there’s an even higher command –

Thou shalt do nothing at church that makes older members uncomfortable.

This command is, of course, of the very first order of commands, as the comfort of our older members is vastly more important than such secondary issues as obedience.

5 Ministry Trends to Watch in 2014

As in every era, some of today’s trends will become tomorrow’s reality.
Innovative leaders aren’t afraid to embrace change and to be some of the first in on the shifts they see around them.

In Praise of Fat Pastors

So no, I am not advocating gluttony here, just a Christward self-disregard, a godly un-self-consciousness. I am praying for an increase in the tribe of self-forgetful pastors — if not all-out dorky ones — with platforms thrust upon them genuinely “aw shucks”-wise, men who will love not their images even unto death. Men who at least are not obsessed with the camera catching their good sides. Give me a fat guy in the pulpit so long as he preaches not himself and not the law but the glorious gospel. And if you’ve got a pastor with washboard abs who does that– well, that’s okay too, I guess.

We Homeschool, But You Don’t Have To (or, “Why a Lot of Homeschoolers Give Homeschooling a Bad Name”)

So, may I make an appeal? It is an appeal from a dad who homeschools to all the other homeschooling parents out there. Be enthusiastic about it. Go at it as best you can. Let this decision be one you are proud of and that truly impacts your children.
But please, stop trying to make it sound like every family should make the same choice. It’s a good choice. We think it’s a great choice…
…for our kids…
but we are going to pray that you make the best choice for your kids. And we’ll support your decision, and hope you’ll support ours.

A Letter to the Family of My ICU Patient

What you don’t see is when I pull into my driveway at the end of the night after my long shift has ended. Often times I put my car into park and I cry. All the stress of fighting for them, all the grief pushed away, all the emotions finally have time and catch up to me. I don’t sing or laugh. I weep.
Then I wipe my eyes and go inside. I hug my babies a little tighter. I hold my spouse a little closer. Then I go to bed early so I can come back in the morning and fight another day.

Rio’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue keeps losing its fingers

The only problem with being a 100-foot-tall statue on a mountaintop is the lightning. The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, which overlooks Rio de Janeiro, has suffered two fingers chipped over the past few weeks after being struck by lightning.

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