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The Overwhelm Epidemic

Productivity enhancers or ever-present distractions—either way, our technology is changing our routines. And our lives are thrown further out of whack every time we choose an empty information fix over life-giving activities such as exercise, reflection, and meditation as well as quality face-to-face time with loved ones.

Every Church Issue I Have Ever Seen Could Have Been Avoided By One Simple Principle…

I can’t imagine seeing a church split over two sides with hearts dedicated to servanthood. Servanthood is disarming because people with servants’ hearts only care that Jesus comes out on top and aren’t in it for themselves. You can’t tempt them with power. You can’t tempt them with perks. They aren’t easily manipulated because they aren’t seeing things through worldly eyes.

How Competition Made Me Less Successful

Viewing life only as competition has terrible drawbacks.
It pursues success for only the self. It breeds jealousy and envy. It withholds encouragement. It mistreats others on its way to the finish line. A world divided into winners and losers is one that misses opportunity to show grace.
And when the race is a spiritual one, these negative effects can be even more dangerous—especially in a world that already bends itself away from spiritual pursuits.

Prepare To Share

Our disciple-making focus as a group is to chase up the newcomers who roll regularly through the door on Sunday mornings. We meet each Monday night, and talk through the different people who visited the previous day. And then we phone and email them, visit them, pray for them, have them over, read the Bible with them, run a ‘Get To Know’ newcomers course for them, introduce them to a small group, and so on — basically anything that will help these new people grow in Christ by becoming linked in with our fellowship.
At the same time, we also function like any small group worth the name—that is, we read the Bible and pray together, encourage one another, catch up socially, and so on.

Have Christians found an acceptable racism?

Christians must develop this nuanced approach with people in the Muslim world. We divide error from souls and treat these individuals with respect and love. Christ is our standard not the weaknesses of men.
Terrorism and the behavior of others doesn’t absolve Christians of racist attitudes against people of Middle Eastern descent. In the end, we won’t find justification in the eyes of God, but judgment and condemnation.

A Softer Prosperity Gospel: More Common Than You Think

For those with eyes to see, signs of soft prosperity are everywhere in evangelicalism. Christian radio offers a “positive, encouraging” experience, with innumerable songs beckoning listeners to be overcomers. Christian publishers market books that help Christians look better, feel more confident, and reach their maximum potential. Likewise, Jeremiah 29:11 and Philippians 4:13 continue to be championed as mantras by Christians who want to make an impact on the world.

Oxfam: World’s Richest 1 Percent Control Half Of Global Wealth

Just 1 percent of the world’s population controls nearly half of the planet’s wealth, according to a new study published by Oxfam ahead of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.
The study says this tiny slice of humanity controls $110 trillion, or 65 times the total wealth of the poorest 3.5 billion people.

Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius.
[Series of fake signs placed in the subway in London. Pretty funny.]

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