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Justice is scarce

Never enough opportunity, fairness and connection. Never enough time for a student who needs it, or dignity for a person who deserves it. A chance to be seen and understood.
But just because we’re always running short doesn’t mean we can’t try.

One of the Most Dangerous Trends Today and 10 Tips to Counteract it

What makes you think you have impeccable understanding of each and everyone? What makes you think that you understand even one tenth of them well enough to render absolute judgments on them over and over again…all in one day or even an hour online?
Slow down.
Don’t rush to judgment.
Seek out the facts.

For Christian Women, Persecution Looks Like Rape

Of the 245 million Christians attacked for their faith last year, many are women and girls who are specifically and most frequently targeted through forced marriage, rape, and other forms of sexual violence. These are the findings of Gendered Persecution, an Open Doors report that examined the differences in persecution by gender in 33 countries for women and 30 countries for men.

6 Heretics Who Should Be Banned From Evangelicalism

So, maybe it’s time to extend a bit more loving kindness to the evolutionists, to those who reject inerrancy, to those who take the Bible literally when it says that God will redeem all people to Himself, to the Rob Bells and the World Visions.
And for those of us on the moderate-progressive side: maybe we can find it in ourselves to turn the other cheek and forgive those who wish us gone. Then, when we find someone who will accept us—“heresy” and all, let’s embrace and learn from them.

In 116th Congress, at least 13% of lawmakers are immigrants or the children of immigrants

These 14 immigrant lawmakers represent just 3% of all voting members in both chambers, a slight uptick from recent Congresses but substantially below the foreign-born share of Congresses many decades ago. (For example, about 10% of members in the first and much smaller Congress of 1789-91 were foreign born. About a century later, in the 50th Congress of 1887-89, 8% of members were born abroad, according to a previous analysis.) The current share of foreign-born lawmakers in Congress is also far below the foreign-born share of the United States as a whole, which was 13.5% as of 2016.

More than a quarter of the deaths in Holland are “induced,” report finds

In the article, journalist Christopher de Bellaigue traces the history of euthanasia in the Netherlands from when it was introduced for extreme cases (“unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement”) to the point where some are advocating for a legal pill that practically anyone can take in case they are tired of living.
“The process of bringing in euthanasia legislation began with a desire to deal with the most heartbreaking cases—really terrible forms of death,” said Theo Boer, who teaches ethics at the Theological University of Kampen. “But there have been important changes in the way the law is applied. We have put in motion something that we have now discovered has more consequences than we ever imagined.”

JUST Family Time

But when that was said, it just made me realize how long it had been since we had done anything like even an overnight trip JUST as a family. No speaking engagements. Not being on someone else’s schedule. No time separated because one or both of us has to look over notes.

The job interview approach

Why is it okay to act any less professionally than that for a meeting with a co-worker, a salesperson or an entrepreneur looking for funding?
It’s entirely possible that we can honor a reflexive property. When we are contributing we can show up with the same enthusiasm we use when we’re asking for something.

5-Year-Old Poses with Her Dad and Soon-to-Be Stepdad in Sweet Photos: She’s ‘Our Princess’

“No we are not a same-sex couple, but we do share a daughter,” Lenox wrote in the Facebook post, describing himself as the “bonus dad.”
“David is Sarah’s ex husband and I am the Fiancé. We have molded ourselves into one unique family, of only for the sake of our children to know the power of love. Not only did I gain a daughter, I gained a brother and a best friend.”

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