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FactChecker: Super Bowl Sex Trafficking and Other Myths

While Scripture forbids us from spreading a false report. (Exodus 23:1), sometimes, because of lack of information, we unintentionally pass along false reports in the form of myths and urban legends.
Here are four myths about the Super Bowl — two serious and two trivial — that we can all stop repeating

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Jesus

When we follow Jesus, and I mean really follow Jesus, we’ll start to change. Some of the things that we used to care for will no longer be important and some of the things that we were formerly unimportant will become important.

Having That Child Was a Waste

So, then, why do we act like a church has no value if it does not live forever or does not reproduce? Churches, or congregations to speak more accurately, are living organisms with life cycles. Some are like elephants—large, slow developing, long-lived creatures. Some are like rabbits—small, forming quickly, and living only a few years. But any organism, regardless of size or normal life expectancy, can die young if circumstances turn adverse for long.

Without Love, I Am Nothing: A Word to Bible Students, Seminarians, Disciple-Makers

Though these things are not inherently bad, I know that I’ll be tempted to learn and perform and teach and disciple and serve and sacrifice with an aim to build my personal kingdom, amass worldly accolades, and earn a reputation for godly faithfulness. That is not Christian love; it is fleshly pride and selfish ambition, and it is arsenic to the human soul.

Six Suggestions for Getting More Out of Your Life and Ministry

It doesn’t matter what you plan to do. It doesn’t matter how you plan to serve. The following are six suggestions for making the most of your life and ministry.

The Lumberjack and the Ax–This is a Heart Issue

What great pictures to portray God’s work in the world! All of us become fearful of powerful nations. History has clearly shown that God has and will overthrow all human nations, no matter how powerful and great they SEEM to be. God ALONE is in control of his whole universe, including all nations.

Brain Surgeon Walks 6 Miles Through Storm To Save Patient

As the storm rolled over Birmingham on Tuesday, Hrynkiw was at one hospital — Brookwood Medical Center — when he got word that a patient at Trinity Medical Center had taken a turn for the worse, needed surgery as soon as possible and that no other surgeon there could do it.
Driving wasn’t an option because of the snow and ice. Emergency personnel were busy. So getting a lift didn’t seem to be likely either. The patient had a “90 percent chance of dying” without the operation, Hrynkiw says.

19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know
[List of suggestions for iOS users]

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