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The Message That Moved the SBC

Criswell’s 40-minute message was an impassioned plea for a return to the Word and this represented a 65-year ministry spent proclaiming the Word. He believed the Bible was a hill on which to die. And the history of the SBC ever since has proved him right. 30 years later, we’re facing the same battles today in the church. Will we tolerate liberalism and a low view of the scriptures? Or like Criswell, will we, even through tears, take a stand on the inerrant Word of God?

Trump, Immigration and the Truth

Christians should love truth more than country. They should love the poor more than money. They should worship the God of the Exodus and not bow down to those who enslave others to make an extra buck. Christians should exalt and live into the reality of God’s Kingdom and not pledge allegiance to any flag because their allegiance belongs to the cross of Christ.

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Good Supreme Court Pick and the Reason Many Voted for Trump

So, I support this nominee and I am thankful for his nomination from President Trump. And, I also acknowledge the many Christians who voted for Trump did so they could have such a Supreme Court Justice as was nominated today.
I get that for many, there is simply an irrational response to anything positive being said about President Trump. So be it. But, regardless, I am thankful a conservative court will move away from judicial and social activism.

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Troubling Supreme Court Pick for Black Christians

We need to be sure that religious freedom and free speech extends to athletes who silently protest social issues in public spaces. We need to call out the hypocrisy of NFL owners who ask athletes to “just play football” and turn around and endorse federal judicial nominations on team Twitter accounts.
To make this nomination about Roe and dough (i.e. the religious freedom highlighted in the Christian baker case) ignores other essential issues Christians should care about—including immigration, health care, and labor laws.

Did Congress Print the First American Bible?

The role of religion in the founding is one of the most controversial historical subjects in America today. Secularists and Christian America advocates tend to go to extremes, with the former arguing that Christianity had virtually nothing to do with the founding, and the latter arguing that it had everything to do with the founding. The actual history brings us to a more reasonable position: Christian principles were powerfully if imperfectly present in the political culture of the founding, but many of the major founders were not traditional Christians. It is certainly not clear that they were seeking to create a “Christian nation” of the sort imagined by Christian America partisans.

Five Reasons a Wave of Revitalization of Churches Is Likely

Here is where I take a contrarian position compared to many others, including positions I have held in the past: Of the 300,000 churches in need of revitalization, 100,000 will revitalize organically or internally, and another 100,000 will be revitalized through replanting. It’s a bold assertion, but something that could very well unfold over the next five to ten years.

Why Your Church Needs a Hispanic Ministry

We have a God given chance to really represent the gospel to Latinos. Their community can be transformed if they know Jesus, just like any other community. There is a window of opportunity to reach nearly 60 million Latinos in America today, and the number will continue to grow.
This group who will soon become the majority will be shaping American culture in the near future. The Church needs to realize the mission field has changed; it has come to America. We must embrace the call of Jesus to preach to all and take advantage of this opportunity to minister to an entire people group.

This is how you make a disciple

So I got to see John baptize his friend Charlie into Christ.
Because believers lived Jesus, prayed for him, welcomed him, talked about Jesus with him, encouraged him to stay on the journey, and a visiting preacher told just the right story to convict him. Planting and watering and watching God give the increase.

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