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Churchgoers Stick Around for Theology, Not Music or Preachers

The study of Protestant churchgoers found most are committed to staying at their church over the long haul. But more than half say they would strongly consider leaving if the church’s beliefs changed.
Pastors often worry about changing church music and setting off a “worship war,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research. But few say they would leave over music.
Churchgoers are much more concerned about their church’s beliefs.
“Mess with the music and people may grumble,” he said. “Mess with theology and they’re out the door.”

Report: Gang Members Rarely Enter the US, People Fleeing Them Do

For all the talk about MS-13, it would be easy to think that gang members regularly attempt to enter the United States, but according to statistics put out by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, that’s simply untrue.
According to their numbers, only 0.09 percent—less than a tenth of 1 percent—of the 310,531 people detained for illegal entry in 2017’s fiscal year were a member of a Central American gang.

For the first time, U.S. resettles fewer refugees than the rest of the world

But in 2017, the U.S. resettled 33,000 refugees, the country’s lowest total since the years following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and a steep drop from 2016, when it resettled about 97,000.
Non-U.S. countries resettled more than twice as many refugees as the U.S. in 2017 – 69,000 – even though refugee resettlement in these nations was down from 92,000 in 2016.

Shifting Public Views on Legal Immigration Into the U.S.

The survey by Pew Research Center, conducted June 5-12 among 2,002 adults, finds that 38% say legal immigration into the United States should be kept at its present level, while 32% say it should be increased and 24% say it should be decreased.

How my American Dream is different from my parents’

Despite coming from four generations, some common themes emerged: No matter their age, respondents agreed that their parents had more stability; most don’t believe retirement is attainable; many delayed or decided against having kids; and most care about finding meaning in their work and making the world a better place (busting the stereotype that that’s something only millennials care about).

Millennials Are Turning Their Backs On Religion—Here Are 3 Reasons Why

But now, politics aren’t the only thing to blame here. Rather than leaving conservative churches in favor of churches that are more wide-ranging, millennials are leaving religion altogether. Political frustration may be a key factor, but it’s much more complicated than that.

Do Churches have the Right to Discipline Each Other?

There seems to be an attitude of some brethren, and especially those who stand in pulpits or sit in boardrooms, that it is a major responsibility of faithful Christians to be the poster-children of defending the faith. It is merely my opinion, that over the years these brethren who have a policing attitude have truly done more harm than good. That what energy they could have spent in reaching out to the lost they have wasted on Christians over disputes about doubtful things. And that to assume we are in the same place or hold the same position as the Apostles did with regard to first century establishments seems a bit arrogant.

Preach Like Keith Green Sang

Compared to the Contempo Casuals style of evangelicalism so popular today, Keith Green is the second coming of John the Baptist. His earnestness was refreshing. But many earnest men can be boring. Green’s earnestness came with passion. Lord, give us more preachers like that, preachers who from their guts just want us to behold the beauty of Jesus like that vision is all that matters.

Dad ‘breastfeeds’ newborn after mom has C-section complications

Due to complications after a mom’s emergency C-section, one superdad took on the caregiver role like never before.
A nurse at the hospital created a way for the dad to “breastfeed” his newborn daughter, and Maxamillian Kendall Neubauer handled it like a champ.
In the now-viral Facebook photos, Neubauer wrote, “I was fortunate enough to slap on a suction cup fake nipple. Being the first to breast feed da baby!!!!”

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