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A Faithful Response to Suicide

Here are three modest proposals:

  1. When someone seems to have it all together, they may be most at risk. Rather than idolize them, offer prayers for them. We often demand the most from people who have the least left to give.
  2. Fund independent research for pharmaceuticals that are affordable and effective. Major drug companies are not making better drugs; they are marketing more profitable ones.
  3. Integrate faith, therapy, and psychiatry so they function more as a three-cord strand rather than ropes pulling the most vulnerable apart.

Watching our Words in the Age of Outrage

I want to be clear about something as we move into an evaluation of the words we speak. I do not write this in response to any controversy or in light of a particular thing someone said. This post comes from years of observing how we engage with each other amidst deep disagreement. This is not a question of conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, or any of the other divides we face. Every human being on this side of Genesis 3 faces the temptation to speak in a harsh, cruel, untrue, and unkind manner.

Lending Our Voice to Family — It’s More Important than Government

Evangelicals have long stood in the public square for the value of the family. This is part of our heritage we can and should embrace by speaking up again now.
This is not a hard one, sisters and brothers. Yes, immigration is a tricky issue and debatable issue, but using the separation of families as a threat and a tool is not. We can (and must) do better.

In defense of handshakes

But handshakes matter even more as part of our internal narrative. When you see yourself as a weasel, or as a bully, or as someone who is entitled to win at all costs, you’re poisoning your ability to be a generous creative. When you tell yourself a story of insufficiency, that you’re the sort of person who can’t possibly find the emotional or financial resources to keep your word, you make everything smaller.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey criticized for eating Chick-fil-A during Pride Month

While many agreed with O’Brien’s view that Dorsey’s tweet could be seen as being in bad taste, the backlash rubbed some Christians and Chick-fil-A fans the wrong way. Dorsey’s meal — and his subsequent regret — has now fueled a flurry of tweets defending the chain and its values.

For kids getting busted for running lemonade stands without permits, these guys are here to help

Country Time Lemonade is creating a team to help pay fines and permits for kids nationwide who want to run their own lemonade stands. And in the spirit of the drink’s name, they’re calling their initiative Legal-Ade.

Dad, son prank mom coming home from business trip

Barbara Nielsen said she was coming home from a week-long business trip in Michigan and when she came back her husband made this sign for her son to hold.
The sign read: “Welcome home from prison Mom”

Compassion shown by Mounds View high school pitcher is sportsmanship at its very best

After striking out Jack Kocon for the final out to send Mounds View to State, pitcher Ty Koehn made a beeline for the beaten batter and embraced him, all while his teammates rushed the field, celebrating wildly.
But there’s a story behind this act of tremendous sportsmanship, the pair are old friends and have known each other since childhood.

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