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Your Rabbi? Probably a Democrat. Your Baptist Pastor? Probably a Republican. Your Priest? Who Knows.

Yet pastors are even more politically divided than the congregants in their denomination: Leaders of more liberal denominations tend to be even more likely to be registered as Democrats, and those of more conservative denominations even more likely to be registered as Republicans.

Don’t the Cuban People Have it Tough Enough?

Today, just a few years later, more than a quarter of the Cuban workforce is employed in the private sector. Those fortunate enough to have such jobs have a degree of economic and personal freedom that would not have been possible had the United States government continued more restrictive travel polices for Americans, because visitors from around the world fuel much of the demand for their goods and services.

If Trump Reverses Course With Cuba, ‘It Would Be A Gift To Putin’

If President Donald Trump chooses to reverse course with Cuba and move back to the isolationist policies imposed on the island nation under former President Dwight Eisenhower, he could effectively be giving Russian President Vladimir Putin a gift on a silver platter.

Poll: Most GOP Members Against Changing Cuba Policy

The president was one of the Republican candidates most open to Cuba normalization policies during the primary campaign. But he pivoted to being hostile toward the policy shift by the general election campaign, in a possible bid to win Florida.
The businessman-turned-president is “instinctually pro-engagement,” Williams says, but political machinations, Williams alleges, are likely forcing his hand.

“Keep Those Cards & Letters Coming!”

Sometimes it’s hard to pick up the phone and know what to say. It’s even more difficult to make a visit. And of course, it’s wonderful how easy the internet has made it possible for us to communicate with friends and family all over the world.
But there’s something tangible about opening a card and finding love inside. Something you can touch and smell and read. Words you can keep, and pull out on those days you feel all alone, forgotten.

Earnestly Contending for the Statistics

Christians know that sin is harmful, because the Bible tells us so. We don’t need statistics to inform us of this. More than that, marriage advice rooted in Scripture isn’t pragmatic. The message of Scripture isn’t, “Don’t sin! It might make you sad somewhere down the road!” The message of Scripture is, “Don’t sin! It is an offense to a holy God!”

Sorry, Old Testament: Most Theologians Don’t Use You

By contrast, only 9 of the top 100 most-cited Bible passages in systematic theology come from the Old Testament—with Genesis accounting for 8 of them. (Isaiah is the ninth).

The Danger of “Church Shopping”

When churchgoing becomes mostly about finding the church that best supports my own subjective “spiritual path,” it will eventually become an impossible task, more frustrating and draining than it’s worth. Why? Because no church will ever be perfectly tailored to my preferences and the “subtler languages” that I find meaningful. There will always be something that makes me bristle, something that leaves me feeling unseen, unheard, uncomfortable. And so we keep shopping for that “perfect fit” church, or (more likely) we give up the futile search entirely.

The One Case Where Comic Sans Is Actually Useful

But a recent essay published by The Establishment argues there’s more to the typeface than its goofy appearance suggests. Comic Sans is actually one of the easiest fonts for dyslexic readers to decipher, thanks in large part to many of the same reasons it’s mocked by designers.

Kansas man who robbed bank to escape wife gets home-confinement sentence

A Kansas man who robbed a bank last September and told police that he was hoping to get caught so he would get prison time to escape his wife, was sentenced Tuesday to six months of home confinement after pleading guilty, The Kansas City Star reported.

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