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The Age Gap in Religion Around the World

Although the age gap in religious commitment is larger in some nations than in others, it occurs in many different economic and social contexts – in developing countries as well as advanced industrial economies, in Muslim-majority nations as well as predominantly Christian states, and in societies that are, overall, highly religious as well as those that are comparatively secular.

Mediafugees: An online platform by and for migrants

Mediafugees is an online media platform created to give migrants a voice. It publishes articles about migration issues, all of which have been written by migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

8 Habits of the Excellent Bible Teacher

  1. The Habit of Preparation
  2. The Habit of Love
  3. The Habit of Prayer
  4. The Habit of Learning
  5. The Habit of Bible Mastery
  6. The Habit of Limit
  7. The Habit of Humility
  8. The Habit of Gratitude

The Five R’s of Gospel-Centered Church Revitalization, Part 1
The Five R’s of Church Revitalization, Part 2

  • First, reframe on grace
  • Second, realign on mission
  • Third, recast gospel vision
  • Fourth, remember the journey
  • Finally, renew all things

This 95-Year Stanford Study Reveals 1 Secret to Living a Longer, More Fulfilling Life

But what you can do, starting today, is actively work toward achieving one of your goals. Working toward a goal will make you happier. Working hard to achieve a goal will help you live longer.
Actively pursuing a goal, even if you never quite achieve it, will make your life more fulfilling, both now and when you eventually look back on a life well-lived.

“Are you in a hurry?”

The two opportunities:

  1. Redefine “in a hurry” to be a version of your best self. So that “hurry” isn’t a crutch, an excuse or a bane. It’s an asset.
  2. Turn on “hurry” whenever you need it, and turn it off when you don’t.

Domino’s Is Fixing America’s Crappy Roads For Pizza Safety And That’s Pretty Embarrassing

To remedy this, Domino’s has been hiring work crews to repair potholes in a number of cities, including Burbank, California (five holes fixed), Bartonville, Texas (eight holes), an impressive 40 holes fixed in Milford, Delaware, and an astounding 150 potholes filled in Athens, Georgia.

How Bats Protect Rare Books at This Portuguese Library

The bats that live in the library don’t damage the books and, because they’re nocturnal, they usually don’t bother the human guests. The much bigger danger to the collection is the insect population. Many bug species are known to gnaw on paper, which could be disastrous for the library’s rare items that date from before the 19th century. The bats act as a natural form of pest control: At night, they feast on the insects that would otherwise feast on library books.

Nigerian man buries his father in a brand new $88,000 BMW SUV to fulfill his promise to buy him a nice car

However, a well-heeled Nigerian man, identified only as Azubuike, buried his father in a brand new BMW SUV instead of a coffin to see him off in style in the local village graveyard. According to local reports, Azubuike had always promised his dad that one day he would have a fancy car. But when he lost his father to old age, he decided to fulfill his promise and bought a new BMW luxury car worth $88,000 from the showroom to burry him in it.

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