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The Lord is not on your side

So be very careful about making decisions and choices. It is easy for Christians — and churches — to make decisions and treat everyone who disagrees with us as enemies. And of course we expect God to be on our side. But here is the thing. God doesn’t choose sides.

SIN – It’s Not Just a Little Boo-boo

As I study the apostle Paul, I am not at all sure that he would agree. SIN is not just violating a little children’s song. SIN is systemic, it is the presence of a malevolent being under whom we all live (or, for Christians, lived). SIN is following the prince of the power of the air. And, read in context of chapter one, a person is either IN CHRIST or IN SIN. There is no middle ground, no neutral field.

The Indescribable Joy Of Loving The Church God Called You To Serve

We need to be careful, in our noble and necessary attempt to see Christ’s kingdom expand, not to put numerical increase ahead of the health and well-being of good churches and their leaders.

How a Worship Song Is Fueling Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong

Christian pastors and leaders have been at the forefront of the democracy movement in Hong Kong and often served as a buffer between other protestors and police. They sang “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord” as they tried to keep both sides calm, according to World and Asia Times.

Eleven votes

Every year, the Baseball Writers of America vote for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Eleven of them voted NO when Babe Ruth came up for the first time.

People Don’t Actually Know Themselves Very Well

The good news: You have some unique insight into your emotional stability. In the study, people outperformed their friends at predicting how anxious they’d look and sound when giving a speech about how they felt about their bodies. But they did no better than their friends (or than strangers who had met them just eight minutes earlier) at forecasting how assertive they’d be in a group discussion. And when they tried to predict their performance on an IQ test and a creativity test, they were less accurate than their friends.

But what is this question for?

Other than name and phone number, when someone asks you a question, it’s worth considering why. Intentionally answering the real question is a great place to start.

He thought he snagged a villa for $9,100. He got a foot-wide strip of land.

He got a 1-foot-wide, 100-foot-long strip of land on Northwest 100th Way — valued at $50.

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