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The Death Of Expertise

Today, any assertion of expertise produces an explosion of anger from certain quarters of the American public, who immediately complain that such claims are nothing more than fallacious “appeals to authority,” sure signs of dreadful “elitism,” and an obvious effort to use credentials to stifle the dialogue required by a “real” democracy.

Report: Russell Moore Could Lose His Job After His Political and Social Stands

Dozens of SBC churches are threatening to stop financially supporting the denomination’s umbrella fund after Moore made comments against statements made by then-candidate Trump that he believes are unbiblical and don’t represent biblical values. Moore has also been an outspoken advocate for racial justice, even speaking out against publicly displaying the Confederate flag.

Recovering Masculine Friendship

In other words, if you redefine sex, and gender is fluid, and masculinity has no fixed meaning, and the sphere for sexual intercourse is not marriage alone between a man and a woman, and transgenderism and homosexuality is normalized, then you distort or lose proper masculine friendship.
I think Esolen is right. And one result of this loss of true masculine friendship is that insecure boys then view women as potential sexual conquests that prove their manhood. And those who don’t follow that pattern are considered effeminate or sexually repressed and are then marginalized. Surely being effeminate is wrong for a man. But in today’s sexual confusion manhood gets morphed to machismo or passivity.

Of Ministers and Marriages

In all my reading of Scripture, I have yet to come across either a descriptive or a prescriptive passage that intimates that it is the responsibility of a minister of the Gospel to officiate a wedding. Nowhere in the pastoral epistles (i.e. 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus) does the Apostle Paul ever suggest that it is part of the God-given role of a minister of the Gospel to officiate a wedding.

Shameless spanker admits to the practice

To clear up any misconceptions, I don’t beat my children. I don’t abuse them. I spank their bottoms. I use my hand.
In my book, to hit anywhere else would be insulting, disrespectful, abusive. In my book, to hit with anything other than the hand would be the same, at least in this time and culture. My hand is a good gauge of how much pain I’m inflicting and gives me pretty good indication of when to quit.

If You Want to Live as an Encourager (Part 1)

  1. Know that your smile really makes a difference.
  2. Know that many people are just one step away from significant life change.
  3. Know that God uses encouragers who are single and married, rich and poor, old and young.
  4. Know that an encouraging word can make an incredible difference to someone who is discouraged.
  5. Know that the encouragement someone receives from another can actually alter the course of that person’s life.
  6. Know that Barnabas (in the book of Acts) was called the “son of encouragement” and played a critical role in encouraging others in the earliest churches.
  7. Know that an encourager tries to catch another person doing right and affirms the person and the behavior.
  8. Know that the role of encourager is about cheering other people on.
  9. Know that an encourager avoids one of the most deadly responses that one can make: silence.
  10. Know that the encouragement you give may seem unimportant.

How Your Work is One Way You Love Your Neighbor

It should be no surprise then that God gave humankind work. Before he gave Adam a wife or before he gave him children, God gave Adam work. In Genesis 1:26 we discover God’s plan for humankind was to have “dominion over…all the earth…” Then in Genesis 2 he “took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” God works and, because we are made in his image, we work too.

March Mildness? Americans Say Sports Isn’t All About Winning

McConnell said the win-at-all-costs attitude doesn’t resonate with most. “Americans see sports as a way to develop character,” he said. “They want children and young players to gain something from athletics beyond merely a drive to win.”
While most seem to want good sportsmanship between competitors, half of the country doesn’t see it take place.

11 Foolproof Steps to Creating an Amazing Presentation [Infographic]

Step #1.) Define One Key Message You Want Your Audience To Remember
Step #2.) Frame Your Structure Into a Story
Step #3.) Write Your Main Points On Post-It Notes, Stick On a Wall and Review Them
Step #4.) Use Metaphors to Illustrate Your Ideas
Step #5.) Use Visuals to Emphasize Key Points
Step #6.) Use a Tool Like PowerPoint or Prezi to Present Your Information
Step #7.) Practice Your Amazing Presentation Using Bullet Points on Prompt Cards
Step #8.) Open Your Chest and Arms and Keep Your Back Straight (Like a Super Hero)
Step #9.) Make Eye Contact with People in the Audience
Step #10.) Don’t Speak Too Fast or Too Slow
Step #11.) Start and Finish With Your Key Message

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