Links to Go (March 22, 2017)

Preparing Our People for Witness

Engaging our neighbors and sharing the gospel with them requires relationships, apologetics, and more. Our first step needs to be a genuine interest in people and a commonality in culture that gives us sufficient authority to speak on matters of life, faith, eternity, truth, and church.
It’s going to take longer to reach people effectively, and it’s going to take relationships. And it starts with good leadership in church plants that elevate people to reach their full potential in gospel witnessing.

Immigration: My Final Word

But, as T.R. Robertson pointed out in his post this month, too many Christians are displaying bigoted fear against whole races or religions. And too many of us seek political solutions to spiritual problems.

A Statement of Confession and Commitment

A large portion of our communities is weeping. The fear of deportation is real. The anxiety of being assaulted is real. The fear of being forgotten or mistreated is real. Many people of color, women, and other marginalized groups feel increasingly alienated not only in the current national context but in much of the white evangelical culture as well. Acknowledging that pain and woundedness may take many forms, we humbly entreat Christian communities to seek healing, reconciliation, and justice.

Thoughts to Consider

10. You have a God to glorify.
9. You have a Savior to imitate.
8. You have a Soul to protect (save).
7. You have a body to “put to death”.
6. You have Virtue to acquire.
5. You have Heaven to seek.
4. You have Eternity on which to meditate.
3. You have Temptation to resist.
2. You have the World to guard against.
1. Perhaps today you have Death to meet or perhaps the Lord will return.

Five Fascinating Lessons from a “Secret” Guest in Church Worship Services

There are four points of first impression before the guests ever enter the church’s building. They are, in order, social media, mobile site, website, and the parking lot. How much attention is your church giving to these four areas? How many potential guests never show up because of the first three?

Boston Public Schools Are Adopting a More Accurate World Map

German filmmaker and journalist Arno Peters was one of the first notable figures to rail against the Mercator map. He claimed that it provides an inaccurate and Eurocentric view of the globe. The Northern Hemisphere is distorted to look larger, giving the false impression, for example, that Greenland and Africa are roughly the same size (while in reality, Greenland could fit inside Africa 14 times). In 1973, Peters released a map that compressed the upper half to depict the area of all the Earth’s continents more fairly.

Scientists Find How Using ‘Satnav’ Switches off Parts of Brain

Scientists studying what satnavs do to the brain have found that people using them effectively switch off parts of the brain that would otherwise be utilized to simulate different routes and boost navigational skills.

‘My life was ruined by a typo’

In May 2011, officers at South Yorkshire Police were informed by colleagues in Hertfordshire that they had identified an IP address from which more than 100 indecent images of children had been shared in April that year.
The IP address passed on corresponded to an internet account held by Nigel’s partner. But it had been typed incorrectly, with an extra digit added by mistake.

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