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Can a 3-year old represent herself in immigration court? This judge thinks so.

A senior Justice Department official is arguing that 3- and 4-year-olds can learn immigration law well enough to represent themselves in court, staking out an unconventional position in a growing debate over whether immigrant children facing deportation are entitled to taxpayer-funded attorneys.

Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?

When Christians face two clearly immoral options, we cannot rationalize a vote for immorality or injustice just because we deem the alternative to be worse. The Bible tells us we will be held accountable not only for the evil deeds we do but also when we “give approval to those who practice them” (Rom. 1:32).
This side of the New Jerusalem, we will never have a perfect candidate. But we cannot vote for evil, even if it’s our only option.

A Coming Evangelical Civil War?

So, is an Evangelical Civil War coming? I think so, but it might not be violent or full of open conflict. Many leaders and laypeople will continue to call for an embrace of the Cross and the Mission of God. Many others will seek to affirm protection and prosperity. The division might just entail a recognition and splintering and going of separate ways. What is needed for this division to happen is already in place. Sides will be chosen and justifications will be given and they will all seem so appealing. “God loves us and wants us to be blessed,” the argument will go! But, pragmatic appeals to position ourselves for protection and blessing, even at the expense of others, will only serve to reveal what is already in the hearts of man. We gravitate toward what we really want and we are convinced by what we want to be convinced by.

The Privilege of Hopelessness

We privileged folks often put our faith in our weapons of privilege: the strong critical thinking skills we acquired at our fancy liberal arts college, the professional networks of attorneys, business leaders, pastors and community leaders that we have on our speed dial, and the relative ease with which we can raise money for a good cause. These efforts might be fueled by good intentions, but they often lead us to focus on the finite weapons of privilege, rather than the infinite well of hope that is only found in God. They lure our eyes and hearts and busy bodies toward the finite resources of our world rather than the infinite power, wisdom, hope and freedom that we can encounter if we simply stop and turn our eyes, hearts and bodies toward our infinite Creator.

We’re Called to Make Disciples, not Simply Converts

When we’re involved in discipleship, we do not graduate until we get to heaven. Discipleship is a lifelong experience of learning the mind of Christ and following the will of Christ, submitting ourselves in complete obedience to His lordship. Thus, when Jesus tells us to go to all nations, we are to go into all the world with His agenda, not our own. The Great Commission calls us to flood this world with knowledgeable, articulate Christians who worship God and follow Jesus Christ passionately.

Amplifying Evangelism—Tools or Rules?

However, the main point is this. We must get back to the basics of evangelism—forming authentic caring relationships with those far from God, showing them the radical love of Jesus, and most importantly sharing with them the personal life-transforming message of the gospel.
Tools can help us, but the gospel and an authentic testimony are what matter most.

Six Things Submission Is Not

  1. Submission is not agreeing on everything.
  2. Submission does not mean leaving your brain at the altar.
  3. Submission does not mean you do not try to influence your husband.
  4. Submission is not putting the will of the husband before the will of Christ.
  5. Submission does not mean getting all of her spiritual strength through her husband.
  6. Submission does not mean living or acting in fear.

Overcoming Fear: Strength and Courage for the Chicken-Hearted

The cure for fear is faith, but it is not just some arbitrary faith in someone or something. It is a sure hope in the work of Christ for us, in the promises of God, and in the character of all the persons of the Trinity.

Is Easter Based on a Pagan Holiday?

Second, there are many words we use that have long-passed connections in pagan culture or religion, but their meaning has been changed. When we talk about going to church on “Sunday” we don’t have much heartburn about the fact that this day in the Roman calendar was for the worship of the sun. The examples are everywhere. And when we pass into January we mark a new beginning with little concern that the word “January” comes from the Roman god Janus, the god of doorways. Many of the words we use have some peculiar etymology. What matters is what the words mean to us today in normal spoken language.

Amid Andrews trial, female sports reporters open up about safety

Last week I contacted seven women who appear on television regularly (ESPN’s Josina Anderson, SNY’s Kerith Burke, Fox Sports reporter Laura Okmin, SportsNetLA Dodgers host and reporter Alanna Rizzo, NBC Sunday Night Football reporter Michele Tafoya, YES Network’s Yankees reporter Meredith Marakovits and Kusnierek). With them, I discussed the topic of security while on the road. I was curious if what happened to Andrews changed their approach about where they stay, what they do at hotels, or produced any new travel precautions for them.

Losing my mom — one memory at a time

The disease has not yet robbed us of her personality. We joke about people, or the TV, or the weather, and the same wry, dry northern wit emerges. But I know that it is likely to come. When it has finished shredding all the memories it can, it will turn on her patience, her dignity, her warmth, her love—and leave us mourning for her loss while she still breathes.

Harvard researchers discovered the one thing everyone needs for happier, healthier lives

Waldinger, an Iowan who went to Harvard for undergrad and never left, has known the answer for years. He’s studied relationships his whole career and brought that perspective with him to the study. His first grant proposal as director was to invite the wives of the men – those still alive then in their 80s – to examine the impact of marriages on physical health.
Those satisfied in their relationships were happier and healthier. It was that simple.

South Carolina Teachers Create “The Gentlemen Club” To Teach Young Boys Life Lessons

Every Wednesday, nearly 60 students at Memminger Elementary dress up in their finest suit jackets, dress shirts and slacks to learn how to speak to elders, opening doors for women, how to shake hands and other life essentials. The club, which caters to at-risk students in the area, was the brain child of Raymond Nelson who over the winter break came to a simple realization.
“I was thinking maybe if I have the boys dress for success,” Nelson said. “When was the last time you saw someone fighting in a tuxedo?”

Woman finds rare pearl in her dinner

Lindsay Hasz was enjoying dinner with her husband at an Italian restaurant in Issaquah, Washington, when she bit into something hard in a clam.
What she found looked like a pearl.

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