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Spiritual Things NOT More Important Than Physical Things

A person is NOT spiritual if he is NOT animated, influenced, or empowered by God’s Spirit. In other words, if his wisdom and behavior come from the world, rather than from God, he is not spiritual. But in the same way, when someone is transformed and becomes a spiritual person, he does not cease to be physical.

The Church Today in Cultural Captivity

Christian apologist Os Guinness says that when we look at evangelicalism today, it is the world and the spirit of the age that are dominant, not the Word and Spirit. The church in the U.S. is strong numerically, but weak because it is worldly. The church in America is in the world and of the world; and as a result, it is in profound cultural captivity.

She Stopped to Help Migrants on a Texas Highway. Moments Later, She Was Arrested.

Earlier this year, federal agents raided the home of a volunteer who provides meals, housing and other aid to migrants in the Texas border city of Brownsville. In Arizona, four volunteers with No More Deaths, a nonprofit based in Tucson, were convicted on misdemeanor criminal charges after leaving water and canned food for migrants hiking through the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. Five other volunteers also faced charges, including one felony case now pending in Federal District Court in Tucson.

Most Abortion-Minded Women Aren’t Calculating Killers. They’re Afraid.

Objective arguments against abortion based on an unborn baby’s humanity are true. And they have their place. Even images of pre-term and aborted babies may be persuasive—though in recent years many have begun to question their efficacy. But these arguments and photos usually aren’t best employed on the sidewalk outside an abortion clinic.

You Can Always Use One More Translation, or Why I Read the NIVNKJVESVNLTNASBMSGKJVCSBNET Bible

And here’s something to keep in mind: In the vast majority of cases, when a New Testament author quoted the Old Testament, he used the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew. The Septuagint could be described as the ancient world’s most popular thought-for-thought translation of the Jewish Scriptures, on par in translation style with the NIV or NET. And yet Peter, Luke, John, and others presented it as the authoritative words of the Lord, no different than if they had held high the tablets of Moses.

The Myth of ‘Learning Styles’

Or at least, a lot of evidence suggests that people aren’t really one certain kind of learner or another. In a study published last month in the journal Anatomical Sciences Education, Husmann and her colleagues had hundreds of students take the VARK questionnaire to determine what kind of learner they supposedly were. The survey then gave them some study strategies that seem like they would correlate with that learning style. Husmann found that not only did students not study in ways that seemed to reflect their learning style, those who did tailor their studying to suit their style didn’t do any better on their tests.

Don’t Visit Your Doctor in the Afternoon

This same pattern of doctors defaulting to the easy thing later in the day has appeared for decreased influenza vaccinations, increased opioid prescribing for back pain and decreased physician hand-washing. We doctors like to think of ourselves — and the public might like to think of us — as rational decision makers, but depending on the time of day, treatments change.

Walk Fast? Good News—You’re More Likely to Live Longer

People who walk faster are more likely to live longer regardless of their weight. That’s according to a study scientists say suggests fitness levels might be a better indicator of health than an individual’s body mass index (BMI).

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