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How the Abortion Culture Affects Motherhood

I would submit to you, my sweet mama friends, that these feelings are directly related to the abortion culture which has lied to us for our entire lifetime. We must stop now and implore God to change our thinking about our children.
These lies have convinced women that some aren’t capable of being good mothers.
These lies have convinced women that there are more important or fulfilling things than raising children.
These lies have convinced women that children are annoying, inferior, unimportant.
These lies have convinced women that children don’t have feelings or worth.

Could Quitting Facebook Be a Mistake?

So I’m not quitting technology. Giving up technology entirely would be like giving up all dessert ever, just so I could never eat too much dessert again. Why would I want to abandon the benefits of something just because of its potential risks?

Preventing Burnout: Spirit, Soul and Body

Stress, depression, insufficient sleep or rest, spiritual dryness, loss of motivation, a sense of isolation, feeling disengaged from people—so goes a list I recently saw in an article describing some of the symptoms of burnout.
To put it mildly, many pastors are over-worked, under-paid, and under incredible amounts of stress.

Learning Doesn’t End With Graduation

Abraham Lincoln said, “I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” Are you getting wiser every day? Whether you graduated this year or many years ago, don’t let the end of formal education equal the end of your own learning journey. If you embrace learning, you’ll keep growing. And you’ll be able to perform to your potential throughout life.

‘300 Sandwiches’ woman engaged after only 257

New York Post reporter Stephanie Smith has run her 300 Sandwiches blog since 2012, when her boyfriend was so impressed by one of her homemade sandwiches that he declared, “Honey, you’re three hundred sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”
Smith went on to blog about hundreds of sandwiches she created for her boyfriend, Eric Schulte, who couldn’t wait to pop the question. He recently proposed in Barbados — 43 sandwiches short.

Home invasion suspect surrenders to police in exchange for Mountain Dew and chocolate milk

A home invasion suspect in Maine was persuaded to give himself up after hiding out in the woods for several days in exchange for chocolate milk and Mountain Dew.

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