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Satan’s lies about prayer

  • You have no right to speak to God
  • Prayer doesn’t really do much
  • Spontaneity is the important thing
  • Distraction’s okay; God knows what you need
  • Your needs are really important

Are Youth Groups Bad? A Rant on Bad Research

While I have no research to prove or disprove this claim, I do know that this article does not help anyone know ANYTHING about what American Christians really believe about the subject.
At all.
I have no competing research. I have no agenda to disprove this “news” story other than I wish we would not pretend it involves research.

Millennials and the Demise of Print: Five Implications for Churches

I recently was reading a print magazine article to one of my grandsons who was cuddled in my lap. He saw a photo on the page and tried to swipe it like he would on an iPad. When nothing happened he declared my “picture was broken.”
That is the age and the era that are quickly approaching. The implications are many and staggering. But we in churches cannot be complacent. The very communication of the gospel is at stake.

Ten Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years

  • Wearing a mask to impress others
  • Letting someone else create your dreams for you
  • Keeping negative company
  • Being selfish and egotistical
  • Avoiding change and growth
  • Giving up when the going gets tough
  • Trying to micromanage every little thing
  • Settling for less than you deserve
  • Endlessly waiting until tomorrow
  • Being lazy and wishy-washy

Did You Know Facebook Had Keyboard Shortcuts? Here Are 21 Handy Ones

Which is why it’d behoove you to learn some handy desktop keyboard shortcuts for the site. Yes, that’s right –– Facebook has its own keyboard shortcuts, which can help you zoom through the site without dragging around your mouse.

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