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Pompeo Says Mysterious Sickness Among Diplomats in Cuba Has Spread to China

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, frequently dismissed the notion that Cuba could have been unaware of what American diplomats termed an “attack.”
“The idea that someone could put together some sort of action against them, 24 of them, and the Cuban government not know who did it, it’s just impossible,” Mr. Rubio said in a Senate hearing in January.
That argument is just as applicable in China, a totalitarian state that tracks American diplomats closely.

Carl Lentz Weighs In on the Debate About the NFL’s Attempt to Curb Protests

Why it’s so infuriating to many, is that they keep trying to pretend this is about “patriotism.” If they would just say “hey guys. Stand, or we will fire you because you are upsetting some of our fans”, at least it can just be what it is. But that would create too many problems.

Celebrating David Hesselgrave (1924-2018), Missiologist and Professor

In an article he wrote for me here at The Exchange, he expressed his concern that:

[We are traveling] a path at least similar to our ecumenical counterparts of the past century. We gradually subtract what is unappealing from the gospel and add so much that is appealing to both gospel and mission that we end up with a socio-politial (holistic) gospel and mission. Witness the Cape Town Commitment. It does end but is “to be continued”– there really is no end to the good things we can love, think, say and do in the name of “Christian mission.”

His deepest priority was to see men and women respond to the good news of the gospel. In all his works, he placed evangelism in our Evangelical missions endeavor as essential to who we are and what we do today.

How To Love Your Wife As Christ Loved the Church

  • Love Your Wife with a Sacrificial Love
  • Love Your Wife with a Sanctifying Love
  • Love Your Wife with a Purifying Love
  • Love Your Wife with a Gospel Love
  • Love Your Way with a Purposeful Love
  • So, Live For Her

Three Ways to Successfully Navigate Failure in Evangelism

As we grow in evangelism, it’s crucial for each of us to learn how to successfully navigate our own perceptions of failure. Let’s intentionally anchor our hearts in Scripture and invite God to redefine success and failure for us so that when we find ourselves in situations that don’t go as we’ve expected or hoped, we won’t get derailed from continuing to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Finding Contentment in Motherhood

It hit me in that moment that I hadn’t accepted that enjoying things like cooking or watching my boys play in the dirt held just as much value as my previous teaching career did. In my twisted mind, being a mom was never enough for me, my family, or, most troubling, for God.
If I’m honest with myself, I let what I did professionally determine my identity, leaving me a stay-at-home mom who “used to be” many things.

Even If They Don’t Go to Church, Americans Still Love VBS

Six in 10 Americans say they went to VBS growing up. Two-thirds of American parents say they plan to send kids to VBS this summer—even if they skip church themselves.
And almost everyone involved had a great time, according to a new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research.

Dad takes his late son’s girlfriend to her prom one month after boy died

After her boyfriend’s untimely death, Kaylee was devastated and didn’t want to go to prom. Then her boyfriend’s dad, Robert Brown, asked if he could accompany her.
“I didn’t have to think about it,” Kaylee told the Centre Daily Times. “I definitely said ‘yes.'”

The same word has now been voted the ‘most annoying word’ for 9 years in a row

“Whatever” was considered the most annoying by 33% of respondents, the poll found. The second-place finisher was “fake news” at 23%, closely followed by “no offense, but” with 20%.
Rounding out the top five were “literally” and “you know what I mean,” at 11% and 10%, respectively.

Man accidentally runs a full marathon after thinking he was only running half

Mike Kohler, a 26-year-old plumber from Fargo started running too early — and he just didn’t stop. Kohler had intended to run the half-marathon at the Sanford Fargo Marathon, but he accidentally ran the whole thing.
The Grand Forks Herald caught up with Kohler, who started running 15 minutes before the half-marathon start time. This put him with runners attempting the full 26.2 miles, and he didn’t realize what happened until he was over eight miles in, and noticed the course was diverging from the path. When he was at the halfway point he thought about stopping, but decided against it.

Largo man broke into jewelry store, cut himself on glass and bled all over everything, police say

About 90 minutes after their arrival, officers found Williams several hundred feet from the store — wearing the same clothes as the burglar — a gray T-shirt, blue shorts and red sandals — and covered in blood, arrest reports state.
Officers took a DNA sample from him to compare to the blood left in the store.
When officers read him his Miranda Rights, Williams said that he wanted a lawyer. However, he did ask the officers “What are you going to do with my bike?” — referring to the bicycle that the burglar had leaned against the tree.

Robber who wrote name on hold-up note is caught counting money outside Anchorage bank

The hold-up note was written on the back of a form from an organization that provides affordable housing in the Lower 48. Nash’s personal information was on the form.

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