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Memorial Day

If the church is to be an ambassador of the good news and an agent of healing in the world, the church is going to have to become serious about being something other than the high priest of religious nationalism. With so many churchgoers entangled in the tentacles of nationalism, it’s time for the church to actually be the church. As Stanley Hauerwas has said in so many ways, it’s the first task of the church to make the world the world. And for the church to appear as distinct from the world — the world of war that Jesus told Pilate his kingdom does not come from — the church is going to have to face the fact that it cannot pledge its allegiance to both Caesar and Christ. As Jesus said, “no one can serve two masters.”

Dear Izzy, If Only You Had Behaved Like An Elite Athlete

If you had picked up your ex-girlfriend and hurled her into a garage door at 2am following an epic bender, you’d still be on track for your job. If you had only kicked the livin’ daylights out of an unconscious man lying in the gutter, outside a nightclub, you could have avoided this heartache you’re now in. But no, Izzy. You had to go all the way and do something so much worse than these acceptable misbehaviours: you shared the Bible’s message on your own social media page. Now that is unacceptable.

Why it is important not to conflate prophecy and teaching in discussions about women preaching

Paul does not want anything to happen during corporate worship or in any other setting that would upset the headship principle that he so carefully exhorted his readers to obey in 1 Cor. 11:2-16. For that reason, Paul enjoins women to refrain from the judgment of prophecies. He’s not commanding an absolute silence on the part of women. Indeed he expects them to be praying and prophesying. He does, however, command them to be silent whenever prophesies are being judged. And the women are to do so out of deference to male headship.

SBC President JD Greear talks new book, Trump-supporting evangelicals, and complementarianism

We don’t want to have our position where she either occupies a role as a pastor-elder or even implies that she does. So we have also chosen that because the Sunday morning sermon is so closely associated with the authority of the church, we don’t have a woman that delivers that sermon. We believe that that would be a violation of 1 Timothy 2. However, we’ve had women who’ve shared during the Sunday morning service in ways that showed that they were not the ultimate teaching authority.

Your Best Outreach Programs are Already in Place. You Just Don’t Know It.

The Two-Degree Rule is the practice of identifying what we do well and then turning the focus a few degrees out into the community and into the world, freeing our hands to serve those who are not yet in the church. It involves pushing the needle of the church compass two degrees off dead north (caring for ourselves) to direct some of our resources, time, care, energy and love toward those who are still far from God. It’s taking what we are already doing to care for, equip, and minister to our church family and giving it an evangelistic focus.

He Remembers That We Are Dust

And God remembers all this. And according to Psalm 103 graces flows from that recognition. God will not deal with according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities. And why? Because God knows our frame: He remembers that we are dust.

These Navy SEAL tricks will help you perform better under pressure

Controlled breathing, on the other hand, is the fastest, most effective way to trigger the relaxation response, enabling you to think more clearly and perform better under pressure, she says.

Squirrel served daily ice cream mini-cones at North Carolina shop

“You call her name, and she literally will come out of her nest in one of these big trees and hop her way down to the roof, ultimately to the rail and waits on her cone,” Scott Martin told local ABC affiliate WWAY. He co-owns the business with his wife, Pam Martin.

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