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Trump Has Changed White Evangelicals’ Views On Morality In One Major Way

Altogether, there has been a stunning 42-percentage-point swing in white evangelicals’ opinions on this issue since 2011. Other religious groups experienced some shifts, but nothing quite as dramatic, Campbell said. Religiously unaffiliated Americans showed a 5-percentage-point change in the opposite direction, with more saying that private immorality translates to unethical public behavior.

This Church Is Building a Tiny House Village for the Homeless on Their Campus

The city of Portland has a large homeless community, but Central Church of the Nazarene is doing something to help. They are building “Agape Village” on church property, which will feature 15 specially designed “tiny houses.”

6 Important Differences Between Performance Music And Worship Music

  1. In performance, the focus is on the musicians. In worship, the focus is on Jesus.
  2. In performance, those on stage might be the only ones singing. In worship, everyone should be singing along.
  3. In performance, the words should support the melody. In worship, the melody should support the words.
  4. In performance, the integrity of the musicians is secondary. In worship, the integrity of the musicians is essential.
  5. Virtuoso musical flourishes can attract you to a performance, but they distract from worship.
  6. Performers need to be skilled musicians. Worship leaders need to be committed worshipers.

Who Are the Outcasts in (Some) Churches?

  1. Divorcees.
  2. Special needs persons.
  3. Widows.
  4. Homosexuals.
  5. Families of suicide victims.

TurboTax intentionally hides its free tax filing service from Google search results

According to a new report, Intuit purposefully stopped Google from surfacing its free tax filing service in search results in an effort to steer all consumers — no matter their income — toward the company’s paid services. Intuit added code to the robots.txt file on its website that instructed Google to leave TurboTax Free File out of search results.

What About Capitalizing Pronouns Referring to God?

If you capitalize pronouns that refer to God to show reverence for His name, fantastic! Continue doing so. If you capitalize pronouns that refer to God to make it more clear who is being referred to, great! Continue doing so. If you are not capitalizing pronouns that refer to God because you believe proper English grammar/syntax/style should be followed, wonderful! Continue following your conviction. Again, this is not a right vs. wrong issue. Each of us must follow his/her own conviction and each of us should refrain from judging those who take a different viewpoint.

Pastoring the One When You’d Rather Pastor the Ninety-Nine

One-on-one pastoral care is every pastor’s inefficient imperative. It invariably seems we could get more done if we were left alone to study or plan, or if we could be with a group of our people all at once to teach or worship or just eat together. There is this powerful instinct to always shepherd the flock in bunches, in herds, because it seems patently obvious we’d get more done. But efficiency is a poor pastoral master.

When Did Pop Culture Become Homework?

I am not telling those people not to watch or listen to or read or find meaning there, I understand people have different tastes, that certain things are popular because they speak to us in a way other things haven’t. At the same time, I expect not to be told what to watch or listen to or read, because from what I see and hear around me, from what I read and who I talk to, I can define for myself what I need.

Parrot taken into custody by police in Brazil for trying to warn drug dealers of raid

When the green-and-white bird spotted officers Tuesday at its owners’ Teresina home, the parrot squawked “Mama, Police!” in Portuguese, according to the local outlet

Seabird Photobombs London Traffic Cam, Becomes Internet Sensation

As CBS News reports, a herring gull recently became a viral sensation after it perched itself directly in front of a camera and looked around lackadaisically as cars crept along in the background.

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